7 Effective ways to boost fertility

January 23, 2019

Parenthood is a very special moment, one that every couple dreams of at some point in the relationship. When you’re ready and start trying, you really want things to happen soon because you’re both there, in that frame of mind. The excitement, nervousness, expectations, it’s a mixture of a number of feelings and there’s always this question, can something be done to fasten the process to conceive? Well, there are a few tips that can help boost your fertility levels that can increase your chances of getting pregnant. So, how can you boost your fertility? Let’s find out:

  • Eat healthy

healthy diet (1)

Intake of healthy food and diet

Having a balanced diet filled with fresh foods that ensure you get all the required daily nutrients increasing your chances of conceiving. Ensuring that you get enough protein, vitamins and other minerals, reduces the chances of miscarriages. Also, study suggests that a lack of these nutrients lead to longer menstrual cycles which means the frequency of ovulation period reduces. So, a healthy diet offers multiple benefits for the body which includes improved fertility levels.


  • Cut off the unhealthy habits

    If the health risks you already knew of were not enough, excessive intake of alcohol and caffeine affect your fertility levels too. Research suggests that alcohol and caffeine affect the female hormonal levels which could result in the process of conceiving taking longer time or could even decrease the chances of pregnancy or one’s ability to conceive. The occasional cup or wine and coffee is okay. But, if you are a regular then it’s time to skip those glasses if you are trying to conceive.


  • Quit smoking

    It’s injurious anyway but cigarettes have toxins that hamper the fertilization process as well. Smoking affects not only the fertilization process by damaging the eggs, but the toxins also cause permanent damage to the ovaries as well. So, quitting smoking will do wonders for both your fertility as well as overall health and wellness.


  • Know your cycle

    To conceive, it is important to have sex on the right days. To get pregnant the ideal time to have unprotected sex is when you are ovulating. Your most fertile days are roughly 14 days before you get your period. You can use a fertility calculator to figure out your most fertile days, get the timing right and better your chances of conceiving.


  • Kill the stress

    In today’s world, the hectic schedule takes a toll on everybody and the stress levels are very high. A study conducted showed that women who had high-stress levels had lowered chances of getting pregnant while the probability of conceiving was higher among the ones with lower stress levels. So, learn to practice techniques like yoga or meditation to help keep the mind and body more relaxed and stress-free.


  • Exercise regularly


    daily exercising (1)

    A woman doing her daily exercises

    Regular exercising and maintain a healthy weight is important for your health and fertility. Excess body fat hinders ovulation as it causes overproduction of certain hormones which means a lowered frequency of ovulation that directly reduces your chances of pregnancy. However, too little body fat doesn’t help either as it means too little hormone production which cannot sustain pregnancy or regular ovulation either. So, a workout routine to maintain a healthy weight is necessary to increases your chances of getting pregnant.

Getting an expert’s opinion is always a good idea especially if you are facing difficulties in conceiving. Visit a fertility specialist to figure out if you need to make any changes, take supplements or require any medical help in your journey to parenthood.


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