With today's hectic and stressful lifestyles, along with later pregnancies, infertility has become an issue faced by many couples. Unfortunately, skilled experts and treatment options in India are limited. So people don't receive the correct advice, which worsens this already trying period.

Infertility treatment is an advanced science and, like any other medical field, the right expert must be consulted. Often, due to lack of knowledge about the subject, couples facing or suspecting this issue turn to a general gynaecologist. However, an expert with a specialized background must be consulted for the right guidance.

Cloudnine Fertility is just such an expert. This is evident in our higher success rate, as a result of our specialized experts and strict processes. And, very importantly, we know this is a difficult time for a couple. The correct counseling and guidance forms an integral part of any successful treatment program, and our trained counselors provided much needed support to the couple during this trying time.

(**This data is an average of over 1000 cases of IVF/ICSI)