About Us

On Cloudnine, we create little miracles everyday. Our fertility facilities are aligned to an international gold-standard, carefully enfolded in superlative medical expertise and state-of-the-art technology, and benignly layered with thought and care.

We like connecting with every guest on an individual, intimate level, to understand their story and hopes for the future. We know that every story is unique, and we craft a distinctive fertility plan for every couple trying to conceive, investing much time and thought into every family that we create on Cloudnine. Our success story is made up of thousands of little ones, each belonging to a family born on Cloudnine. With a team composed of veteran medical specialists sourced from across the globe, it’s little wonder that our success rates are some of the best in India, offering every couple the hope of a baby.

We understand that infertility can take a toll on your spiritual, emotional and psychological wellbeing. And we spend every moment making sure you feel comfortable and cared for, during the course of your treatment.

Trust us to breathe life into your dreams on Cloudnine.

Specialized Doctors

Fertility is a specialized science and needs special training and skills. Therefore, it is important to ensure that you are being treated by a doctor with the requisite advanced degrees. At Cloudnine, the fertility experts are experienced specialists and each consultant holds a postdoctoral fellowship in reproductive medicine.

International Expertise

Collaboration with international experts ensures that the fertility center provides the most advanced treatment options and is also up-to-date with latest developments in reproductive medicine. Cloudnine has a strong partnership with Australian fertility experts. Our acclaimed Australian embryologists also visit the center periodically to assist with advanced cases.

Consultant-led Care

Make sure that the infertility center you select offers consultant-led care so that you get quality time with the right experts, and your access to them is not limited. At Cloudnine, all consultations are directly with our senior consultants, including follow-ups.

Counselling support

Trying to conceive is a difficult and sensitive time for the couple, and the right guidance and counselling support is an important requirement in addition to medical care. We, at Cloudnine, have qualified psychologists who are dedicated to providing professional support to the couple, ensuring that adequate guidance is provided at every step of the way.

Ethical practices

When looking for reliable infertility center, it is a crucial requirement to ensure that the center you select leverages ethical practices. At Cloudnine, we follow a strict code of ethics and transparency, and our practices adhere strictly to ICMR guidelines.

Comprehensive Care

As fertility issues often need inputs from other specialties, the availability of comprehensive care is a big advantage in ensuring the right treatment. Cloudnine has a specialized team of Psychologists, Endocrinologists, Obstetricians, General and Endoscopic Surgeons, Paediatricians and Nutritionists to provide comprehensive care under one roof. Cloudnine Fertility, with its team of skilled doctors and embryologists, combined with state-of-the-art technology and medical facilities, offers a comprehensive range of infertility treatments.

What Makes cloudnine fertility unique

Safe and effective practices can make a world of difference in the results of any IVF treatment. The experts at Cloudnine Fertility strive to make your fertility treatment more comfortable, less painful, safer and successful.


Shorter patient-friendly protocols

There are two commonly used protocols in IVF treatment – ‘long’ and ‘short’. The ‘long’ or ‘agonist’ protocol has some obvious disadvantages such as a longer duration of injections and a higher dosage of gonadotropins. This implies a higher cost to the patient and higher chances of hyperstimulation. Yet a lot of fertility clinics follow this protocol due to reduced time commitments required from the doctors.

At Cloudnine Fertility, we predominantly use the ‘antagonist’ or ‘short’ protocol. This has the following benefits:

  • It reduces the number of injection days to 10-12, thus making it more convenient for patients.
  • It needs fewer doses of gonadotropins, which makes it more cost effective.
  • It has reduced chances of hyperstimulation and hence is safer.

These processes make the treatment much shorter and more convenient for our patients.

Your safety is our priority

Ovarian hyperstimulation (OHSS) is a major potential complication of ovarian stimulation during IVF. Given the potential negative impact it can have, our centres make all efforts to identify patients who are at high risk of developing OHSS, and our experts take special measures to ensure this complication is avoided.

The following are some of the steps taken at our centers to avoid this complication:

  • An individualised and tailor-made approach towards ovarian stimulation
  • Use of only antagonist or ‘short’ cycles
  • Stringent monitoring of patients throughout the entire process and use of GnRH agonist for triggering ovulation

We are proud to state that such stringent processes and the expertise of our doctors have helped us achieve a 0% occurrence of moderate to severe OHSS.

Improving your chances of success

Traditionally, 3-4 embryos were transferred into the uterus on day two or three, post egg retrieval. At Cloudnine Fertility, we grow the embryos for five days. This helps the strongest and healthiest embryos reach the blastocyst stage.

This process has the following advantages:

  • These blastocysts have higher implantation rates and thus better pregnancy rates
  • It enables the best embryos to be selected, which also improves success rates of 40.87%**.
  • Fewer embryos can be transferred and this in turn lowers multiple pregnancy rates

This practice is called Blastocyst culture. It is a recent advancement in IVF and requires excellent culture conditions in the lab as well as expert and dedicated clinicians and embryologists. This is why all centers are not able to follow this practice.

However, considering the advantages of this practice, our centres prefers blastocyst transfer for all patients. More than 60% of our IVF cycles are Blastocyst transfers and have success rates of 40.87%**.. Cloudnine Fertility offers all the right expertise to ensure that you have the highest possible chances of success.

Reduced multiple pregnancies

Our motto is to have you take home ‘a healthy child’. For this, it is important to reduce the occurrence of multiple pregnancies. Multiple birth (triplets or more) is the single greatest health risk associated with fertility treatment. Multiple pregnancies increase the risk of prematurity, stillbirth, growth restriction, neonatal mortality and child disability; as well as maternal complications such as late miscarriage, high blood pressure and diabetes.

Because of the expertise of our specialists, we are able to follow the stringent practice of not transferring more than two embryos. This has ensured that we have not produced any high order multiple pregnancy (triplets and above) till date.

(**This data is an average of over 1000 cases of IVF/ICSI)