Time lapse Embryo monitoring

A new service is available to help anyone undergoing IVF. It is called Primo Vision and identifies the embryos with the best chances of creating a pregnancy with advanced time-lapse imaging.

Improve your chances

Several studies suggest that embryos selected with the help of time-lapse imaging have a higher chance of resulting in a pregnancy. As a result, Primo Vision time-lapse imaging has been rapidly adopted by fertility clinics throughout the world.

How does Primo Vision work?

When your embryos are monitored with Primo Vision they remain virtually undisturbed in an incubator from the beginning to the end of the development phase. During this time, a specially designed digital microscope takes images every 5 minutes to produce time-lapse films of the embryo development, from hundreds of images. The films reveals information that is almost impossible to see with conventional methods.

Your clinic can now choose the best embryos

Primo Vision helps your IVF-team make a more confident selection of the best embryos to transfer to you. By studying the first three or five days of an embryo’s development, abnormal growth or other conditions can be identified. With Primo Vision these characteristics are easy to spot and allow the best possible choice of embryos.

Keeping your embryos safe

Embryo safety is the most important aspect of Primo Vision. At all times, the embryos stay safe, warm and in the dark, just like in your body. From the beginning to the end, your clinic can follow development in a stable incubator environment. No movement or handling disturbs your embryos and external risks are controlled.

Is it for me?

Primo Vision can help anyone undergoing IVF.
It can lower the risk of twins or triplets since the IVF-team can identify the most viable embryos when performing single embryo transfer. Moreover, Primo Vision is especially good news for older women or those that have had experience of unsuccessful IVF.

To find out more about Primo Vision and how it can improve your IVF treatment speak to your IVF-clinic.

All IVF treatments use embryo selection methods to see which embryos have the highest potential to implant. This normally involves microscopic examination once a day outside the incubator. With Primo Vision, embryo development can be followed undisturbed and in detail for greater certainty in the selection.