Advanced Andrology
Advanced techniques related to andrology
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ICSI Refresher
Learn the practical application of ICSI
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Embryology Refresher
Refreshing your skills related to embryology procedures and processes
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About Workshop Embryology Program

Workshops are ideally suited for doctors, academicians and consultants who are already familiar with the field of obstetrics and infertility and would like to enhance their knowledge in embryology to monitor their teams and manage lab operations.

Why Cloudnine

Learn from best IVF doctors and embryologists

World-class training labs across the country

Learn from best speakers and faculty in the industry

Real-time exposure to IVF procedures

FAQ about Workshop Embryology Program

What is my course Fees?

Please fill the form, we will get back with details.

What are the various crash courses with duration?

These are 2 week duration courses on Advanced Andrology, ICSI refresher and Embryology refresher respectively.

How are these courses taught?

Crash courses are mostly hands on practical training with minimal theoretical classes/sessions. However course material will be provided for reference.