Cloudnine Success Stories

"We were referred to Dr. Shipra Singla as we had been struggling to conceive for the last five years and faced many problems. After our investigations, she advised us to consider IVF. She explained the entire process in detail and reassured us. We conceived in the first IVF cycle. We had our whole journey here at Cloudnine Hospital. Thank you, Dr. Shipra Singla and Cloudnine Hospital"
Mrs. Anjali
"Our journey with Dr. Aanchal Agarwal at Cloudnine Hospital has been incredible. She gave very clear guidance, and my pregnancy journey was very smooth. Our experience at the hospital has been very smooth. The staff promptly answered and helped us with all our needs. We will definitely recommend Dr. Aanchal Agarwal and Cloudnine Hospital to everyone. Thank you so much"
Mrs. Nikita
"We came to Cloudnine Hospital based on a recommendation. Dr. Aanchal Agarwal treated us and we conceived soon after. We are delighted with the hospitality here. Cloudnine Hospital and Dr. Aanchal Agarwal have fulfilled our dream of having a child. We are very grateful"
Mrs. Archana Panwar
"We have been married for 7 years but were unable to conceive. We got Dr. Shipra Singla's reference from another doctor. Within a year of consultations, we were blessed with a baby girl at Cloudnine Hospital. The doctor was very motivated and friendly. Ma'am was always reachable, online or offline. The staff were amicable and helpful. Thank you, Cloudnine Hospital. Thank you, Shipra Ma'am"
Mrs. Neetu Das Paul
Mrs. Shweta Waghmare | Dr. Seema Jain | Pimple Saudagar, Pune | Cloudnine Hospital
Mrs. Shweta Waghmare
"We met Dr. Pallavi Pasricha, a fertility specialist at Cloudnine Hospital, Panchkula. She is generous and friendly. Here, we were blessed with a baby boy. I will recommend Cloudnine Hospital Panchkula to everyone. Thank you"
Mrs. Rahul
"We were married for the last ten years but did not have children. We tried different treatments at different hospitals, but unfortunately, none worked. We then contacted Dr. Aradhana Kalra Dawar. - In the first IVF attempt, I successfully conceived and am blessed with twins. Thanks to Ma'am's treatment and support, I had a normal delivery and am a mother to twins today. Thank you doctor Thank you Cloudnine Hospital"
Mrs. Swarana
Mrs. Geetanjali
"I want to share my fertility journey with Cloudnine Hospital. After multiple failed IVFs and lUIs at different places, we were given a ray of hope in Cloudnine Hospital. We met fertility expert Dr. Parul Agrawal and conceived on the first IVF attempt under her personal touch. Later, I underwent a risky surgery in Cloudnine Hospital, Noida. All the staff are commendable and provided excellent support. Finally, I'm blessed with twins. I recommend Cloudnine Hospital, Noida, especially for those seeking assured fertility treatment with a personal touch. Thank you so much to the entire Cloudnine Hospital team"
"We have been married for 15 years and were unable to have children in spite of IVF and other repeated treatments. We visited Dr. Aradhana Kalra Dawar after a close family member referred her. She took a complete history and briefed us thoroughly. We started IVF treatment here under her guidance. We are blessed with a baby boy through a normal delivery. This has been because of Dr. Aradhana Kalra Dawar.
H/O Mrs. Amarjeet Kaur
"Recently we were blessed with a baby and it's because of Dr. Aradhana Kalra Dawar. We had infertility issues because of which we were unable to conceive. We researched on the internet and came across Dr. Aradhana Kalra Dawar. After a few months of medication and in the first IVF attempt, we conceived. Throughout this journey, ma'am was very helpful. She's the best doctor for IVF treatment. We are suggesting this to all who are looking for better treatment in NCR"
Mrs. Reena
"After meeting Dr. Shanujeet Kaur, I began my IVF journey with Cloudnine. Ma'am was very supportive and kept encouraging me that even if it's tough it will be fruitful. She kept me strong. I could get through this journey, only with her support. At Cloudnine, the staff were very supportive. Thank you, Ma'am and thanks to the Cloudnine staff. I cannot thank Dr. Shanujeet Kaur enough for giving me this bundle of joy"
Mrs. Sunita
"The journey with Cloudnine is very memorable. Starting with Dr. Priya Varshney, our journey throughout has been very very smooth. All the scans and all the tests, they all went very smoothly throughout the journey. We have seen many ups and downs throughout the journey. The doctors and the supporting staff helped us to overcome that. The result of all those ups and downs is our baby girl. We really had a great experience with Cloudnine and we are very happy. Thank you so much"
Mrs. Harjot Kalra
"Dr. Shanujeet Kaur is very good. After coming to ma'am, I got a positive result who's sitting on my lap now. I had many complications after conceiving. During that time, ma'am was very positive and would motivate me. My time with her was very good. The staff here are very good and supportive. All the doctors are good. Dr. Shanujeet Kaur has been very helpful and always been there for me in times of need. I will recommend everyone to come to Cloudine, the doctors and staff are very friendly. I will specially recommend Dr. Shanujeet Kaur because my experience with her has been very good"
Mrs. Vineet
"Dr. Anshika Lekhi is a very good doctor. She treated me very well. She explained each step in great detail. When I got pregnant, Dr. Anshika looked after me very well. I became a mother because of her and gave birth to a baby boy. Thank you so much Dr. Anshika Lekhi. Because of you'll I have become a mother. Thank you so much"
Mrs. Sudha Kumari
"The overall experience with Cloudnine has left me short of words. Right from the day we went on this beautiful journey, we did the right thing of coming directly to Cloudnine. We met Dr. Shanujeet Kaur. I don't have words to express my gratitude. I have never seen such a humble, polite and patient doctor. Dr. Gitika and Dr. Shanujeet Kaur handled our queries very well. They cleared all our doubts about the baby. Thank you Shanujeet ma'am. Thank you Dr. Gitika and Cloudine Hospital. The nurses were humble and polite. Cheers to everybody. Thank you".
Mrs. Impreet Kaur
"We have been married for eight years and had some fertility issues. We saw reviews of Dr. Prashant S. Joshi and also got his reference from friends. On our first visit itself we gained confidence. He found the actual problem and corrected this with medicine. He is very friendly and we can contact him whenever we have a doubt. Finally we got positive news and we are happy. Before meeting Dr. Prashant we had met many doctors. Dr. Prashant always approaches people in a positive manner. 1 recommend whoever is having issues with getting pregnant to meet Dr. Prashant Joshi"
Mrs. Meena Velayutham
"We came to Cloudnine and met with Dr. Kanchi Khurana. We first met her online and then met her at the hospital. Everything went well. We had good support from ma'am right from the beginning. With God's blessings and Dr. Kanchi Khurana's support, we gave birth to a baby boy. Thanks to the Cloudine team and especially Dr. Kanchi Khurana"
Mrs. Anjali Kumari
"We have been married for nine years. We visited many doctors and tried many treatments. One of the doctors referred us to Cloudnine and we met Dr. Joshi Prashant Shripad. We came prepared for IVF. We had gone to so many hospitals and were very frustrated. Dr. Joshi Prashant Shripad said to try medical treatment for two months before planning for IVF treatment. Within a month of treatment, we got pregnant. I am very happy. The doctor is very helpful, and the hospital staff took care of us well"
Mrs. Pallavi
"We have been married for 9 years but we had no children. We had taken a lot of treatments before we met Dr. Prashant Joshi. He gave us the right treatment and we conceived naturally within a month. Dr. Prashant Joshi has been very helpful. We were told that IVF was the only solution but conceived naturally with the treatment by Prashant Joshi Sir. They have taken care of us very well. Thank you Sir"
Mrs . Pallavi
"My delivery was done by Dr. Aanchal Agarwal. My IF journey with her was very smooth. She was always there to assist me- day or night. It was very convenient for us. This hospital is very nice. The executive staff, the nursing staff, and the doctors-everybody was there for us. We had many emergencies, but thanks to Cloudnine it was very smooth"
Mrs. Samrita
"On World IVF Day you can see this miracle in our hands, a blessing from God. We are very thankful to Cloudine Fertility Centre, and specially Dr. Uma Maheshwari and Dr. Praveen B. Joshi for their help in getting this little girl. We are very happy with the service received from both the doctors. We strongly recommend that anyone undergoing fertility issues do not hesitate to come to hospital and consult the doctors. This is our moment, we hope everyone receives such a moment in their lives too. Thank you"
Mrs. Malashree
"I came here for the first time to meet Dr. Aanchal Agarwal. She has been my fertility expert. I can vouch for her decisions. Whatever decisions she has made for me have been awesome. I trust her instincts and I trust Cloudnine. I was invited here for a baby shower. It's a great initiative and I have not seen other hospitals doing it. So hats off to Cloudnine"
Mrs. Swati
"We tried to start a family for many years, but without success. A radiologist gave me Dr. Bhavna Banga's reference. Dr. Bhavna suggested doing the "Eeva Test" which predicts the selection of the right embryo and right time for transfer. The test results diagnosed the exact problem. After the test, the embryo transfer was done at the right time and I got a positive result. Dr. Bhavna Banga is a person who's there 24/7 at your side. There is no one else who can give you the confidence like she does during the toughest phase of life and bring miracles. Thank you"
Mrs. Shalini
"After being diagnosed with adenomyosis, cysts and PCOD, we were referred to a fertility expert but wanted a second opinion. That's when we found Dr. Bhavna Banga. After the second consultation, we bonded well and decided to get further treatment done with her. Our conception happened in the first go under Dr. Bhavna Banga's care. She is very humble and puts our fears to rest. The best part was Dr. Bhavna Banga would be personally present for all the ultrasounds. It was a very, very good experience"
Mrs. Shivani
"I met Dr. Bhavna for my fertility treatment as I was unable to conceive naturally. Dr. Bhavna always treated us as a friend first and then a patient. she explained to us all the process step by step. During the procedure she told us to relax and it happened very easily. Dr. Bhavna Banga is a kind hearted doctor. She's always available and she reminds us about taking medications and injections. I would like to say thank you to Dr. Bhavna Banga for completing my family"
Mrs. Astha
We got married in 2008 but faced many issues when we tried to get pregnant. We consulted many doctors and hospitals. At our first meeting with Dr. Bhavna Banga, the remark "Preeti, you will be a mother" gave me a lot of confidence and she continuously motivated me. Those two blue lines on the pregnancy test were the best moment of my life. There are many women craving to become a mother. I just tell them to go to Dr. Bhavna Banga! Thank you so much!"
Mrs. Preeti
"We would like to thank Dr. Tejal Mane, for the treatment and each and everyone at the Cloudnine for their excellent services be it nursing staff or housekeeping. Cloudnine gave us a home-like feeling. All the consultations were explained in a detailed manner so that there was no room for any doubt. We would surely recommend Cloudnine. Thank you"
Mrs. Saloni
"We were worried for four years because we were not able to conceive. So, one of our relatives referred us and said that Dr. Priya Varshney, IVF Consultant, told us to meet her once. We were worried about what if she can't treat us or what if she says like other doctors. But, when we came here, in the first meeting with the doctor, we really felt very good. She was explaining to us in detail - what problems we have and how we can get out of the situation. After 4 months, we succeeded. We really thank her and we are really happy"
Mrs. Anshika
"We would like to thank the entire team of Cloudnine and especially Dr. Priya Varshney and Dr. Ritu Seti for making my pregnancy journey a smooth one. Everyone including the staff of Cloudnine guided us well and took care of us. If we plan for another baby, we will definitely come back to Cloudnine"
Mrs. Rupangi
"Dr. Chetna Jain & Dr. Priya Varshney are excellent doctors. They made us feel comfortable from the beginning till the end. Speaking of Cloudnine Hospital, it is one of the best. Overall, the process was very smooth and we absolutely loved it. Thank you so much"
Mrs. Upasna
"My journey with Cloudnine Fertility and Dr. Priya Varshney has been very ama here are also very supportive and co-operative I highly recommend Cloudnine to everyone"
Mrs. Shikha
"Our journey with Dr. Priya Varshney has been very amazing. She has been a great support system both mentally and emotionally. She has guided us throughout which made our journey very easy"
Mrs. Fatema Patel
"I was searching for a gynecologist on the internet, when I came across Cloudnine Hospitals, my pregnancy journey with them was a delight & the delivery got carried out smoothly, special thanks to Dr. Priya Varshney and the medical experts at Cloudnine"
Mrs. Gauri Vishal
"My journey with Cloudnine was bliss, they have the most competent medical experts & I am grateful to Dr. Priya Varshney for being so patient with me throughout my pregnancy journey"
Mrs. Rakhi
"Dr. Priya Varshney of Cloudnine Hospital is exceptionally superb; she has been very supportive and helpful, if not for her I would not have been the mother of twins. The medical staff and experts have been pleasing and always ready to help. I would recommend trying couples to visit Cloudnine Hospital"
Mrs. Shivani Singhal
"We had the same nervousness when we started to plan this baby. However, we're glad that we met Dr. Priya Varshney. She has been a great support and a mentor. She strongly recommended Cloudnine to us, and it has been the best of our maternity decisions so far"
Mrs. Nidhhi
"Our doctor consultation was with Dr. Priya Varshney, and all the experience starting from checking, the admission and the birth of the baby and the follow-up with the doctor and the nurses, it was quite good. We really loved the whole experience"
Mrs. Sumedha
"We had the most wonderful experience with Cloudnine Hospital. Their supportive staff is devoted to every aspect that needs special attention, We are very happy with the decision of choosing Cloudnine Hospital"
Mrs. Rachna & Mr. Tushar
"My journey with Cloudnine was bliss, they have the most competent medical experts & I am grateful to Dr. Priya Varshney for being so patient with me throughout my pregnancy journey"
Mrs. Rashmi
"Greetings, my name is Vinod, and this is my wife, Arthi Devi. We are happy to be at the Cloudnine hospital. We met Dr. Rakhi, started therapy, and were successful on the first attempt. Everyone is really nice and sympathetic, and the doctors did a fantastic job. Thanks a lot"
Mr. Vinod
"In the first meeting only, we were very happy with Dr. Rakhi and she suggested IF treatment. In the first attempt only, it was successful. All thanks to the doctor and the entire staff"
Mrs.Swati Verma
"We have been getting treatment elsewhere for the past 18 years and the results were negative. We met Dr. Rakhi and took treatment. After 18 years, my wife Suman Devi conceived. Thanks a lot to the doctor and Cloudnine."
Mr. Narpat Singh
"Hello, my name is Abhinav Singh, my wife is Mahi, and we are receiving treatment at Cloudnine Hospital. We met Dr. Rakhi after an unknown person told us about him, and we are extremely glad about that. He's like a God to us. The support staff here is also excellent. and they are extremely kind and helpful. The lab is also really impressive, and I am grateful for Cloudnine's wonderful facilities. If we ever need assistance, they are always available-even at night--and respond quickly to messages"
Mrs. Mahi
We opted for treatment in India like Chennai, Nepal, Punjab and Delhi but they were of no use. So, we finally came to Bangalore. We came to know about Dr. Prashant Joshi at Cloudnine Fertility, Jayanagar and for 3 months, we are taking treatment. Just today, we got positive results. We are very happy. Thank you, Cloudnine Fertility. Thank you Dr. Prashant Joshi"
Cloudnine Patient
Receiving positive feedback from patients can be a rare occurrence for doctors. Despite their best efforts to provide compassionate care and quality medical treatment, it can be difficult to hear directly from patients about their positive impact on their lives.
Customer Feedback | Dr. Parul Agarwal
Customers Feedback | Dr. Bhavna Banga | South Delhi & Noida | Cloudnine Hospitals
Customers Feedback | Dr. Bhavna Banga
Starting from the reception, doctors, nurses, lactation, counselor. Even my parents are astonished and amazed at such high quality services we get.
Amit & Deepali
"Before coming to Cloudnine, we started researching the hospital and the doctors. That is when we came to know about Dr. Parul Agarwal. Once we came to meet her she explained the complete IVF procedure. In the first attempt only we got a successful result. Everything went well. Thanks to all the team members of Cloudnine. Only because of them we did successfully complete 5 months of pregnancy. Actually, in Cloudnine, there are all the necessary facilities. The process is very smooth and I am very happy. Thanks to all the staff"
Mr. Siddharth Patro
"Hi, I am Nawshad and I am Aaarti Rawat. We are from Uttarakhand. We started consulting Dr. Parul Aggarwal when it was getting difficult to conceive naturally. But with the IVF treatment, we were able to conceive and I am four months pregnant now. Finally, it was a success and we are very happy. The staff and their hospitality are very good, Thank You"
Mrs. Aaarthi Rawat
We are pleased to have consulted Dr. Parul Agrawal on Cloudnine, The Hospital is well equipped and staff here are very helpful. Dr. Parul has been a great support to us.
Mr. Deepak Moda
Thanks to Dr. Parul for the flawless IVF journey that she has gifted me. She hand-held me through the whole process and was constantly available for me.
Mrs. Huma
Happy Cloudnine mom to be Mrs. Rhea talks about her amazing experience at Cloudnine fertility, Noida under Dr. Parul Agarwal's guidance and supervision.
Mrs. Rhea
Blessed Cloudnine client Navin heartily thanks Dr. Parul Agarwal for helping them to enter the journey of parenthood with Cloudnine Noida's incredible fertility solutions in one go. They have been trying for two and a half years and now with Cloudnine Hospital, their dream has finally come true. They highly recommend Dr. Parul and Cloudnine Fertility.
Mr. Navin & Mrs. Divya Thakur
I would highly recommend Dr. Priya and Cloudnine's IVF treatment to everyone who is unable to conceive naturally.
Mrs. Manju
We have been consulting Dr. Priya Varshney for one and half years now. She has helped us through everything till now. She is a very genuine and encouraging person. We really thank Dr. Priya Varshney and Cloudnine for its such supporting staff.
Mrs. Swati & Mr. Apurva
After seven years of marriage we finally could complete our family because of Cloudnine and Dr. Priya Varshney.
Mrs. Rina
Cloudnine is such a positive place and has helped us take the right decision at the right time. Dr. Shalu Gupta has been nothing less than a miracle in our life. She is a very rare combination of a wonderful doctor, a patient listener, and a very empathetic human being.
Mrs. Deepika & Varun
We have had two children through IVF and trying for the third, Dr. Shalu Gupta is a very good doctor. We are very happy with Cloudnine, its staff and Dr. Shalu Gupta
Mrs. Ayesha
Dr. Kanchi Khurana has been a great emotional support in the whole IVF journey. She is a very positive person and we have had a great experience on Cloudnine.
Mrs. Geeta Sharma
Blessed new mother Ritu and her husband express their heartfelt gratitude to Cloudnine Chandigarh's Dr. Shanujeet Kaur and the entire staff for giving them the best pregnancy and baby-delivery experience.
Mrs. Ritu
Deepika and her husband share their magical experience of becoming new parents at Cloudnine Hospital after trying for twelve years under Dr. Shanujeet Kaur's supervision. They highly recommend Cloudnine Hospital.
Mrs. Deepika
"Hi don’t know from where to start but still I want to share my journey fo pregnancay I am having PCOS and never had my periods on time no idea of my ovulation but still we tried a lot of conceive but but failed we met few doctors but did not get positive results luckily we me Doctor Bhavna Banga. She started our treastment with few tests and medicines based on our case. I can’t explain simply wow…. very supportive, dedicated, compassionate, soft spoken doctor I have ever met… within 2 months we got pregnant with IUI in every first attempt.. and delivered a cute and healthy baby girl in 2016. After 6 years we planned for second baby.. but this time we had 2 challenges (PCOS + Thyroid).. again few attempts and the results were nil. So we decided to visit Dr. Bhavna Banga for the 2nd time. This time she suggested us for an IVF treatment and started the medicines.. she has been very supporting through out the whole procedure of IVF we got success in 2nd attempt.. with lots of ups and down and full support and guidance of Dr. Bhavna Banga mam we completed our journey and blessed with smart, handsome, dashing baby boy in 2023. Now my family is completed.. she made our dreams to become a happy parents come true.. So if any couple struggling to become a happy parents must.. must visit Dr. Bhavna Banga.. we highly recommend Dr. Bhavna Banga. You cannot buy happiness. Happiness is born get ready for lots of laughter and noise as you hold your little bundle of joy. Eyes blinking in the sudden light, when those tiny little fist hold you tight may you experience life all new"
My wife and I embarked on this challenging path in 2016, after enduring two operations one for ovarian cysts and endometriosis, and another for an oopherectomy. We faced the heartbreak of a failed IVF cycle, leaving us disheartened and dispirited. The medical advice we we received was discouraging, with suggestions to pursue the donor egg program in our next attempt. It was at this moment of despair that we had the privilege of meeting Dr. Bhavna Banga. Initially, we had intended to inquire about the donor egg program, but Dr. Bhavna Banga’s presence alone radiated confidence and hope. Her warm and reassuring demeanor instantly put us at ease, and her words breathed new life into our weary spirits. Dr. Banga’s proactive approach to our case was truly remarkable. Her unwavering faith in our chances, combined with her extensive knowledge and expertise, convinced us to give it one more try. Throughout the entire process, she meticulously monitored every details, no matter how small, leaving no room for doubt or uncertainly. Today I am overwhelmed with joy and gratitude to say that my wife and I are the proud parents of a beautiful baby boy, all thanks to Dr. Bhavna Banga. She is nothing short of a godsend, a beacon of hope in our darkest moments, and a dedicated professional who has made our dreams come true. We can never thank Dr. Bhavna Banga enough for her unwavering support, guidance, and expertise. Her passion for helping couples like us achieve the miracle of parenthood is truly extraordinary, and we are eternally greatful for her role in our journey. Dr. Bhavna Banga is not just a doctor, she is a guardian angel who has blessed our lives in the most profound way imaginable.
"Happy to state our happiness over the most recent joy that happened in the history of my entire family. Pregnancy is a gift from God which we suffered for the last 24 years with out positive result, after several attempt to success which includes visit to different hospitals, consultation by native and medical doctors, prayers and so on , all to no avail. Until of recent discovery of a professional, consultant and versatile gynae doctor (Dr. Bhavna Banga) who is a director of the IVF centre hospital india introduced to me by Mr. Mehboob Sadal Khan. The treatment process of our infertility issues was done by Dr. Bhavna through vigorous review of our status and a solution was provided. Note that we have done IVF at six different intervals with different hospitals in Nigeria and all failed. But fortunately and technically we were able to have a new approach for the first attempt and with god intervention positive result was achieved at the long run which I can’t believe my self. Remember first circle with a success result. Today my wife is 47 years old while I am 51 years but we can now say we are parent of a child. Our joy so far is that we started the process with Dr. Bhavna in september 2022 and now we are in September 2023 which is exactly one year with our baby in our hands. On this note, I want to commend the effort of Dr. Bhavna, the team Mr. Mehboob Khan and in particular for making our dream to come true. Let me say a big gratitude to you Dr. Bhavna for your professional and selfless service, you are a doctor with a difference, your technical know how makes you to be a mother, we therefore salute your relentlessness for your courage and sacrifice, you are quite upright, down to earth, human doctor, cold minded, and above all your superlative display of your professional ethics. Mam keep it up. I want to call on people with similar issues like ours to try same with Dr. Bhavna Banga and see wonders, you will be proud indeed. We expect more from you mam. Thank you and god bless you more"
What do I say about her !! I just got lucky we went to her. She always managed me to keep me positive all the time by giving the assurance that you will have a baby, you will have a baby girl like you. She was may guardian angel in this difficult time. And by your blessings Dr. Bhavna I am blessed with a baby girl after 9 months. We are so much thankful to you Dr. Bhavna. You are such a gorgeous and sweet doctor. Love you Ma’am for this precious gift.
"Life is a journey and all journeys has its consequences and ours was infertility. We have been married for so long and had few miscarriages over period of time, which led us to the option of IVF , one of our friend recommended Dr. Bhavna and when we met her knew right away that she will try her best to make sure we have a healthy baby, got our tests done and she looked at all the reports and scans and told us that you will have this baby…. That hope she gave us was filled with confidence which gave us confidence to go ahead with the procedure.. With Gods grace and and Dr. Bhavna expertise and team we conceived and have a healthy baby now… Thanks a lot for this beautiful gift"
I’ve tried to think of just words to express my gratitude for you and all your kind and caring ways, however, I don’t think there are any. How do you thank someone that has made you dreams come true, I’m overwhelmed with a sense of happiness and gratitude! I truly don’t know where to begin. Flashback 3 years ago I remember feeling angry, frustrated, and hopeless, I often wondered if we would ever have any biological children of our own. Then we meet you and from from our first encounter to my last, the professionalism shown by you and your staff has been amazing! I can’t tell you how much we appreciate all the time you took to explain every step and option. I remember the painful and scary days after the continues failures of 3 IVF circles, but your positive attitude, understanding, encouragement and compassion kept our hope alive and translated our dream to have a baby into reality. Our little girl is a miracle and wouldn’t have been possible without your knowledge and care. You made us feel comfortable during a time that was pretty scary for us. The whole process was an experience, but we felt supported and cared for every step of the way. You are a great doctor and we are so glad that you were the one to help us achieve our goal of adding to our family. The staff is so amazing especially I want to express my gratitude to Mr. Rohit and all the female staff. You all made us feel comfortable and important! “You all will always be a part of our family and we will never forget what you were able to do for us.”
"It was 2 years of hardship unless we met Dr Bhavna to help in our journey of conception. It was just like God tested our patience and then showed us the path to what we were looking for. With 3 IUI failures with various Sr doctors we got disheartened that we will never be able to have a baby. I still remember the first time I met Dr Bhavna, it was some inner instinct seeing her positive attitude and enthusiasm to help her patients like a friend. She gave us a comfort n believe which many Dr couldn’t give us. We started our IVF procedure under Dr Bhavna, with her knowledge, positive attitude, personalised touch, follow ups and trying best possible procedures ,it made my journey more easy as I knew I was in right hands. It wasn’t a simple case though, With low AMH and embroy collection of as low as 3 counts, only Dr Bhavna had faith that all will go well. And with her rich experience, understanding of case and result oriented approach it made possible for me to concieve. We are and will always be thankful to Dr Bhavna for giving this happiness in our life. She was a God sent angel and will always be one for us. May you shine bright and bring happiness in thousands of life. Best Regards"
"My fairy godmother…. Thank you for bringing me to this beautiful world. I know how desperate my mom n daddy we’re to meet me, n after so many years, you brought me to their world to brighten up everything. My momma tells me that you are the only one who understood their feelings and promised them that I’ll be there with them. I wish when I grow up and am a big girl then I can be just like you n help many people like my parents to realise this wonderful dream. Always yours, Baby Jia"
"It's been almost 12 years since being childless. Frankly speaking, reasons were unknown. My normal blood reports always pointed towards an obvious success. But things didn't work. One fine morning we decide to take help of a fertility expert to deal with my grief. With God’s grace, met Dr. Bhavna Banga. There are always sweet surprises in life and she is one among them for us. Dr. Bhavna helped us just like a family member. Always had a ‘buddy’ feeling with her. This the very reason that I could go through the fertility process to have our first child. She is the most positive person I've come across in my life journey. With an utmost instant and perfect treatment by Dr. Bhavna we are blessed with twin boys in July 2018. I am a firm believer that God comes in different forms to help us. And Dr. Bhavna was no less that God to us. Thank you Dr. Bhavna Banga for giving us the joy we were waiting for Riyansh and Anish are the true gifts to us and have made our life filled with joy"
"We were just like any other couple in search of a good IVF doctor after several unsuccessful procedures and glad we met Dr Bhavna she is an expert IVF specialist. Best part about her is that she is very proactive and tracks her patients schedule really well. Very much approachable compared to some other IVF specialists I have consulted in the past. Me and few others in my close family consulted her and success rate is 100%. I would highly recommend Dr Bhavna Banga after struggling for last 5 years and consulting almost top 8 infertility specialists. Thank you for being the dedicated, thoughtful, and compassionate doctor that you are! You always go above and beyond and work tirelessly towards a healthy outcome. I feel so blessed to know you and have you as my doctor. Mudit and Aditee"
"Right at the outset we as a family thank you for making it possible. I and my wife were living at a different location for our jobs. I and my wife tried to start a family naturally for two years, but we were not succeeding. After much thought we decided to go for IVF. We searched for best IVF Doctor most of searches directed us to Dr. Bhavna Banga. We booked our appointment and reached to her. When we first saw you, somewhere we knew that it is you who would make our family complete. IVF Journey can be daunting, mentally, emotionally, physically and financially tiring at times. It is no magic that you walk in with money one day and next day a baby will be in hand. Our whole year long journey was made easy and well supported by you and your team. We can’t thank you enough for making our dreams complete. A doctor like you will always have a very special place in our heart"
I was suffering from abdominal pain. During my consultancy with Dr Archit Pandit, I came to know that I was suffering from endometriosis and adenomyoma. Dr.Uma (gynecologist) referred me to Dr Bhavana Banga in 2017. After first meeting with doctor, I found she is energetic and caring for patient. Dr Bhavna, started the procedure in 2017 and embryo was formed. My first FET was done in August 2018 which was not successful. After that the problem reoccurred and I went under two more surgery for endometriosis and adenomayoma in next five year. That period was so depressing for me. During this period Dr Bhavna kept in touch with us with full support and provided necessary consultancy. Next FET was conducted in Nov 2021 which was success. During this five year Dr Bhavna supported and advised us, she kept in touch with us , she even provided the consultancy on whats app. Her positive attitude gave me a positive result. But best and most important part was that my doctor was with me at every moment of time...from day one of consultancy, to embryo formation and even after the delivery. She is very sincere and so transparent. She guided me at every step since day one, sharing full responsibility and detailing of every step of procedure. During the whole journey she was there for me. I always wish best of best for Dr. Bhavna and great successful life. Thank you doctor for being so kind and generous towards us.
"I'm very happy I have conceived in my first attempt. My experience was amazing with Dr. Bhavna Banga, no ideas for improvement. She is a wonderful, caring and kind doctor. She has been so supportive throughout the whole process of IVF. She make sure everything was explained, and I felt comfortable the entire time. She made my dreams of expanding my family come true and I cannot thank them enough. If you’re looking for the best care for IVF, I highly recommend Dr. Bhavna Banga"
Words cannot express how thankful we are for all your support, guidance and help to make our dreams come true. You are extremely knowledgeable and caring, and were always available to answer our many questions throughout this emotional roller coaster of our precious pregnancy. We are simply grateful and can't wait to share our views. Dr. Bhavna ma'am, I hope you realize the difference you make in people's lives everyday. For us you have been an angel doing godly works and I can't express how emotionally connected now we are with you. While writing this to you, I get very teary eyed and emotional. I was introduced to you an year ago, and looking back, what an emotional journey my wife Ritu and I have endured. It was on our first attempt with you we were blessed with our twins baby boy. While all these four years with other hospitals had literally traumatised us. As I reflect back on our journey with you I remember the first day we met you and you have convincingly assured us that "Ritu definitely you will become pregnant" and here came this day on 1st Feb 2016 when you gave us the gift our lives. With this few word we would like to thank you from our bottom of heart and on behalf of our whole family we wish you good health, happiness and sucess from almighty. We are so thankful we found you. We are so grateful and will cherish these never ever perishable memories. How can I thank you with words for giving us the gift of life? There is no thank you or form of appreciation that could ever do justice to what you have done for us. Your were relentless, confident and committed to making it happen even when we were doubtful. Your positive attitude was much needed and will never be forgotten. You have been a true blessing to our family and now we count all of you as a part of our family. We could not be more thrilled to be parents. We adore our both baby boy and sincerely request you to always shower your blessings on to us. Thank you so much. Looking forward for personal and many more associations with you mam
Dear Dr. Bhavna, We would like to take this opportunity to express our sincere gratitude and love to you for helping us live our most precious dream - having our own little bundle of joy, all possible due to your untiring efforts! I remember when we first met you, how patiently you went through all my previous reports and then explained us the reasons why things possibly could not click for us! You were positive from the very first meeting itself about the end result for us and reassured us that one day we would be holding our own baby in our hands, and that was the kickstart which assured us that we were seeking just the right person! Going through our reports, you explained us all the approaches to get the best result in optimum time. After much deliberation we started our line of treatment under your expert guidance. You not only encouraged us but also extended unconditional support at each stage. You were highly confident that one day I will surely conceive! Both me and my husband had full faith in your approach and trusted you completely! Though my first procedure went unsuccessful but we did not lose hope and decided to go foe a IVF procedure for the next attempt. With god’s grace and your untiring efforts, things clicked this time. On the day of checking for the result I was quite nervous but all my fears changed into tears of happiness when I saw a positive result! We were able to see this day only because of you and all your dedication Dr. Bhavna and thank you from the bottom our hearts. You have been a beacon of hope in our lives Dr. Bhavna! Your flexibility, dedication towards your profession, out of the box approach, individualized attention for your patients and promptness in replying towards all queries make you stand as exceptional doctor! You care for your patients as your family and the love, support and warmth you extend is unconditional! Today I am 37 weeks pregnant and eagerly awaiting to welcome our little one into our life. I truly pray to God to bless you with the best in life always! May you continue to rise and shine with all your good work, more power to you! Lots of love and regards.
It’d been three years of trying when we decided to get checked up by an infertility expert. We asked our gynaecologist for the same and she referred us to Dr. Bhavna Banga. When you were trying for such a long time and with so much information available on internet about IVF and its processes your mind will feel like very clear what you intent to do still its clouded. We visited Dr. Banga in start of 2022 and in the first visit she asked for couple of checkups for both of us and ended up suggesting Laparoscopy to be done. As I said, the mind always plays a game though clear but clouded, we decided to hold for a month and let’s go for it in the next month. I had to be in the day care for the same and the laparoscopy raised the curtains what was going on inside my body. She explained tiny bit of the results with utter detail and guided us for the next step. While all the communication was going on, she was quite active in responding to queries, that too on WhatsApp and for any query I hardly remember a day it ever took time for her to respond. We were not available for couple of months, so the IVF cycle we went through in almost mid of 2022. When you are already riding a roller coaster and few unwanted queries come from someone you hardly know leads to shoot up the level of anxiety you are already going through. One patient right beside me asked, this is your first cycle, the second question my mind asked meaning there could be multiple and you need to be ready for multiple failures. Though was trying to make my mind understand the same, it’s really difficult in the situation I was in. Only the person can understand who is actually going through the same. Still I held my feelings, mouth zipped, didn’t talk to my husband even about the same, I was already anxious, why to make him anxious too with such unwanted thoughts when one is already in it. Bhavna Ma’am suggested to get the FET done in next month or may take a break of a month or two, get refreshed, have a calm mind and then get it transferred. But we didn’t want to wait at all, so we requested to get the FET done in the said month itself. The day arrived, when FET was done, post the procedure we met Bhavna Mam and she asked for some do’s & don't s. I knew the drill after the FET so was ready with the pregnancy test kit, didn’t tell my husband that I am going to do the test, same reason curiosity and anxiety. Right before the day of the pregnancy test, Bhavna ma’am messaged to do the urine test as well as beta HCG. We did the test, it was one dark line, the 2nd line was so dull and we were totally devastated. Still my husband was not ready to accept, he said beta HCG is still pending and that will confirm the actual result, so let’s wait for the lab to open (7:30 AM). We threw the test result tube in the dustbin and went for beta HCG to be done. The lab was still not open, the opening time was 8:00 AM on that day. At the same time we messaged Bhavna mam about the urine test and informed that we are going for Beta HCG. She asked us click a picture of the urine test tube and send it to her. I took out the tube from dustbin and clicked a picture and sent it around 7:45 AM and now was waiting for her reply. In the meanwhile we did beta HCG and asked for the result by when can it be available, he replied, it should be there by evening, meaning we need to wait the entire day to know the results. Her reply came, it said “This is positive”. We both were in tears and words will fall short in explaining the same. The hospital remains closed on Sunday, she had some work that day so she asked if we can visit her. Around mid day we were there. While we were waiting and she was attending another patient, the Beta HCG report came from the lab and yes it was positive as ma’am said. And YES It was our FIRST FET and it was successful. Post three months of guided checkup we returned back to the gynaecologist for further checkups of pregnancy period. Then, hooh, we met Bhavna mam with our little munchkin after his first vaccination and she was so happy to meet him. An amazing, full of tears, full of joy, full of hope roller coaster ride of almost 1 and a half year. THE HURRY AND THE WAIT!! We are so grateful to her for everything.
I really don't know how to express our feeling through this text mail. "Thank you" would be a very small word for the wonderful gift that you have given to us. I would like to take you through my journey to may be motivational for other childless couples. It’s a journey of 11years to reach us here. We got married in the year 2008 and after a period of year, started trying for baby. Since it was not happening naturally then we started consulting Doctors in Lucknow. We consulted with very renowned Doctors of lucknow but did not get the desirable result. In 2012, we shifted to Noida due to work. As we were craving to extend our family so we started again consulting Doctors and through one of the gynecologist we were referred to consult Dr. Bhavna Banga. After meeting Dr. Bhavna Banga we felt so motivated. After knowing our case history she suggested for IVF. We finally started the treatment in the year 2015 and got our first IVF cycle done. Though it failed but Dr. Bhavna Banga assured us that we would surely become parents. Dr. Banga was so hopeful and positive and she suggested for another cycle of IVF. Though due to some unavoidable circumstances in family we could not continue the treatment. But again in the year 2019 we approached her and this time with blessings of god and expertise of Dr. Bhavna Banga we became proud parents of beautiful little princess on 4th march 2020. Dr. Bhavna you are truly amazing positive....full of energy and approachable....we really can't explain in words what bundle of joy you have given to US. Ma'am you are the best Doctor and we wish you lots of success in your professional and in personal life too. I would definitely recommend all childless couple’s to consult Dr. Bhavna Banga for the treatment. Thank you so much....we will personally come and meet, once the lockdown is over and situation becomes under control
I love to share my experience with you… I was married in 2012.. and after one year i was expecting for child but when we didn't got anything positive.. i started to visited doctors..i changed many doctors but none of the doctors even recognise the actual wife had several problems and many of them told that she couldn't be able to got motherhood. In 2018 my friend suggested me to visit to Dr. Bhavna banga. When i meet to Dr. Bhavna, i was surprised that her diagnosis was very much precise and she suggested me which kind of treatment we must follow..… From that point our disappointed convert into new hope and in 2022 we got a beautiful baby girl in my home.. I sincerely convey my thanks to Dr. Bhavna mam for her valuable suggestions and her diagnosis.. Once again thanks for your support
We got married in 2015 and decided not to have kids for at least four years, time passed and we started planning to have kids. We started worrying as after trying for more than one year, we were unable to conceive. We went to several doctors but got no fruitful outcome or clear path. One of our friend told us about Dr Bhavna as they got the IVF done from Dr. Bhavna, and in first attempt they got success. We approached Dr. Bhavna Banga. She clearly understood our problem and guided us through the path that should be taken. We got our tests done, everything seemed fine, so she recommended us IUI, but it failed. After that we tried our first IVF cycle, we got 5 good embryos. Dr. Bhavna Banga transferred 3 embryos, but it failed. We were so hopeless & heartbroken even Dr. Bhavna Banga was surprised. We changed the doctor and wasted next 2 years taking other useless treatments & medicines. In mean time the AMH sank and other doctors recommended to get donor. But all thanks to Dr. Bhavna Banga she never left us, she used to message us regularly and ask about any good news, throughout these two years, and she always motivated us that it will happen. It might take time but she ensured that we will become parents. Finally one day we called Dr. Bhavna Banga again, and asked her about our frozen embryos, she asked us to come and meet. Then we planned the transfer of frozen embryos, and by god’s grace and Dr. Bhavna Banga & her team’s efforts, we got pregnant. And now we are proud parents of two super cute baby girls. Dr Bhavna is a gem of a person, caring, and great personality. She is very compassionate about what she does. Infertility is very hard time for the family and it’s so great if you find amazing support and help. She really is god mother of our children. We are grateful that we came across her. Thank you so much Dr. Bhavna Banga
It gives me great pleasure in writing this testimonial for Dr Bhavna Banga. She truly has been a blessing. A fairy godmother in our lives giving us our beautiful twin babies. We had been trying for 3 years with absolutely no luck. Changing doctors after doctors. Pumping my body with all sorts of medicines. Putting my body through all sorts of tests the mental torture. The doctors literally had no idea what the reason was for the infertility. We had lost all hope that’s when we met Dr Bhavna Banga. She is the sweetest person ever. She’s the only doctor who sat me down and told me that I’m going to have a little baby in my hands. The assurance and the hope that she gave us was everything we needed at that point of time. Her bubbly, charming and positive personality was an instant winner. Her confidence was next level. She kept telling me that I’m going to have a beautiful baby someday. Having been to so many doctors I can for sure say it’s very difficult to find a doctor who is caring and is motivated to get the results for you. Thank god we found one. Thank you Dr Bhavna for giving us not only a beautiful daughter but also a beautiful baby boy. I’m forever thankful to you for making this day possible.
We are very thankful to you for giving us our life our little bundle of joy our prince charming. You are amazing person full of positivity and a great doctor I have ever met. Its only your positive attitude and hard work which leads us to successful result in the very 1st go itself. It’s a long journey of 8 years to reach here. We have tried several doctors in Pune, Delhi, Mujaffarnagar, Aiims…. so many medicines so many failed IUIs then we finally decided to go for IVF to give it last try. No clue no reference just searched on Google nearest IVF doctor and found Dr Bhavna’s name that time we didn’t knew that how amazing doctor she is, we setup an appointment and met her…she explained us the process in detail and answered all our queries patiently she was in mode to explain us the each and every aspect of IVF not in hurry to convince us to start the treatment with her. We have taken a month’s time to do some more research and went to some other fertility centre as well to explore and doctor we met their straight forward said to me that you have taken such a prolonged medication and your age factor you have very little chance to conceive we left from their with more negativity. We went to doctor Bhavna again and every time we met her we feel so positive and that’s what we need at that time as we had very little hope after so many failures in last 8 years. We finally started the treatment and never seen such a doctor who is so approachable and who cares about your appointments more than you. As I am working doctor was so flexible to advise how you can manage your dosage nearby, you don’t need to rush to hospital unnecessarily. Every time we go to the hospital we read on the notice board other people stories (today I am happily writing one) that we got success 3rd time. 4th time… and we are like hamara to kanha hi Hoga 1st time mein.. but Dr Bhavna made it possible. After egg retrieval Dr waited for 2-3 cycles and done 2 hydroscopy to get the everything right for me sometimes we felt how long we had to wait but we trusted her and asked her do whatever you feel is good for us. She assured us that she was trying hard to make the situation best for us to work. Finally day came and transfer was done, after the procedure Dr explained us all the medication at last when she said date I had to do the pregnancy test guess what it was my birthday. After 15 days I took test on my birthday and got the best gift of my life from Dr Bhavna. Today I am a proud mother of baby boy and he is now 7 months old.
The one word which comes to my mind when I think of Dr. Bhavna is "Trust". I and my husband have been trying for the baby for about one year without knowing that conception through natural way was not possible in my case. It was Dr. Bhavna, who ignited a hope in us by introducing possibility of IVF procedure. It was Dr. Bhavna's remarkable positive attitude, thorough professionalism, in-depth knowledge of her field and her patience that helped me in conceiving twins. She was always available to address our queries on phone or in-person. Even after conceiving, whenever we used to meet up with her in, she always used to take out time for us despite her busy schedule. Unlike some doctors, who tend to impose their treatment ideas, Dr. Bhavna listens and discusses all concerns and provides a proven solution. Her support existed even after conceiving, when she referred us to one of the best gynecologist. She kept in touch throughout the pregnancy period and was always a well-wisher. We thank Dr. Bhavna for being a blessing in disguise and being instrumental in us having twins (boy & girl). And for those who are having challenges in conceiving, I can vouch that they can consult Dr. Bhavna without giving any second thoughts.
We are extremely happy to share the arrival of our Twin baby boy's . We would like to share our journey to pregnancy which could impart hope to many childless couple. "I and my husband are very thankful to Dr. Bhavna Banga for giving us the most priceless joy of life i.e. becoming parents. We were trying for baby for very long. We consulted many doctors in Delhi but nothing worked underwent all the possible treatments had six failed IUIs under some doctor in Delhi. Then we approached Dr. Bhavna Banga. She not only took my case in positive manner but also her understanding of whole problem was commendable. Throughout the treatment she was very educative and approachable. After the history of 6 failed IUIs in past she suggested for Laparoscopy and Hysteroscopy and was detected with Tuberculosis of Posterior Uterine, which was undetected during my previous treatments. I was put under the treatment for the same immediately. After completing the cour for TB Dr. Bhavna did IVF procedure and I became pregnant at very first attempt. After 6 failed IUIs and 7 years of marriage finally I am mother. I wish all the good luck and prosperity to Dr. Bhavna Banga for her professional and personal life
"We had completed 3 years of marriage when we started planning to have a baby. I always had irregular periods but didn't thought it would come in the way of me becoming a mother. After 1 year of trying naturally, we started exploring other options. We visited other doctors but with no success. Now I thank my lucky stars for the day when I stumbled upon a reference of Dr Bhavna Banga and decided to pay her a visit. From the very first meeting we got the vibe that she is the one who can make us parents. Dr Bhavna Banga was extremely friendly, had a positive approach and to the point in our conversation. She laid out a very practical plan and explained us in detail. After 2 unsuccessful IUIs we decided to go for IVF. We had heard that IVF is a very emotionally and physically tiring process but Dr Banga helped us in making it a smooth journey. Sharing a specific instance I had messaged her of taking an injection at 4 am in the morning and within 10 mins she acknowledged. So she was available on WhatsApp literally 24*7 to answer our queries and calm us down. As I had to attend scans during my office hours, each and every time Dr Banga agreed to do the same as per my convenience. After a smooth egg retrieval and embryo transfer I got my first ever positive. She guided us through the first three months of pregnancy and then referred us to another wonderful doctor. After a long wait of nine months we welcomed our beautiful baby girl in our lives. Along with Dr Banga the staff of hospital l deserve a special mention as they were extremely efficient and cordial towards the patients. We cannot thank enough Dr Banga for helping us become a parent. With the immense knowledge and experience in this field, we believe that she can make any impossible possible"
Words can't express the appreciation we have for you for bringing the bundle of joy in our lives, still we want to take this opportunity to share our experience and express our gratitude for all your help and assistance. Today, we are parents, and all credit goes to Almighty and Dr.Bhavna. My journey to pregnancy was a long one. We got married in January 2012 and after trying for one year, we realized that something is wrong and we should see a doctor. However things weren't right at first place and it took us six long years of infertility treatment and meeting various doctors among various hospitals, hopes and rejections. During the course of infertility treatment, I was diagnosed with PCOD. After medications I became pregnant through IUI. However my pregnancy was not sustained post six weeks. After that as per doctor suggestion, I had undergone Hysteroscopy/Laparoscopy in 2016. Medically we were told that there is increased chances post surgery, however even after surgery. I had three unsuccessful IUI procedures. At that point of time we were dejected and took a break however we never lost hope. Then one day through reference of one close relative we came to know about Dr.Bhavna Banga and life changed. I remember the first day I met her. She saw all previous reports and did an Ultrasound. I will never forget her words when she did my ultrasound. She told me "You have a Beautiful Uterus, I promise one day you will definitely become pregnant”. These words brought hope in our life again and I started thinking positive again. She did my first IVF , which was not successful. We were disappointed but did not lose hope. Statistically it is said that first time conception is likely to be little difficult though not impossible. However we gave ourselves as a break and did our second attempt with a frozen embryo, and by God Grace I conceived and blessed with a Baby Boy. The best thing about Dr Bhavna is that she is emotionally very supportive and available for her patients on phone/whatsapp and always s gives personal attention to her patients. We are truly grateful to her for her efforts, support, time and will and helping us in granting the best happiness a person ask for in life. We strongly recommend her for couples like us craving for the biggest happiness. For couples going through a situation, please never lose hope, Even if there is a failed attempt trust Dr Bhavna, Please be positive and be guided by her. Take a break if there is a failed attempt, to be psychologically ready. Have a positive attitude. We have gone through this situation for six long years, and from our experience we assure you that she is best Infertility doctor available in this region. Once again a very big Thanks for Dr Bhavna, May God bless you with all the happiness in life, professionally and personally.
We got married in june 2009 and like every other couple we also had a wish of becoming parents. One year down the line we started trying to conceive our child naturally , but it was a disappointment for us . the biological clock was ticking towards it course and every time we were left empty handed. After consulting almost everywhere & lot of so called “Top Notch Fertility experts “ , we were told that my AMH levels of Parathyroid hormones the quality of the egg were not good . and also being a diabetic both me and my husband, it was really difficult for me to conceive . The only solution other doctors gave us was surrogacy and that too with donor eggs. It took us a lot of time convince ourselves for this but at last we surrendered to our destiny. “To realize one’s destiny is a person’s only real obligation. All things are one. when you want something : all the universe conspires in helping you achieve it- Paul Coelho”. The destiny actually commanded and we met Dr Bhavna. I still remember our first meeting with you Dr Bhavna with dampened spirits and very little hope to have our own biological child . After meeting you there was no looking back. Till date you are the only doctor who gave us confidence & faith that we will definitely have our own biological child. Still remember your words clearly “ We will definitely go ahead with your eggs: there’s no chance we will consider donor eggs’. This was a start of a new journey altogether – full of hope & high spirits. The term surrogacy itself is so much emotionally draining, the one who goes through it knows the best , but it was you Dr bhavna who gave me support, faith and a silver lining “ so what if you will not carry your babies, it will be your baby always”. “ I promise you , you will become a mother to your biological baby”. These words from you really healing properties. Trust me ! The First attempt through surrogacy failed though you and all of us had put our heart and soul into it. Still you did not let our faith weaken. This time you were extra cautious in everything, took control and care of the smallest of the details and kept us giving confidence also. Though in our heart we knew that this is our last chance. Then The miracle happened, I remember I was so scared to call you thinking bad luck will follow us again . But the destiny had something beautiful planned for us and our surrogate was expecting our baby. Rather babies (twins) which we got to know on the day of our first scan from then onwards we had our fingers crossed to the day when our twins came into this world. A baby girl and a baby boy.
We are really thankful for your effort & dedication during our treatment cycle of IVF, With the grace of Allah, we are blessed with a baby boy . Since we are trying for the baby for 5 Years after our marriage through natural pregnancy which works one time but the pregnancy doesn't continue. Then someone recommended you, and after meeting you , we finally plan to go for IVF. Everything was done by you with proper guidance, even you have provided guidance on the phone whenever it was needed. It was the second attempt when we got the success. Thanks a lot for your support, every time during our IVF procedure, you have treated us as a friend and provided timely advice.
Today I am feeling great to share my experience and my journey of pregnancy and I am very thankful to Almighty and after that off course my doctor. Dr. Bhavna Banga. It took five year to have an angel. Actually I was suffering from problem of endometric and dermoid ovarian cyst. Due to which my egg quality was poor and count was also low. After getting operated for dermoid cyst, I tried for one year but there was no results. With doctor advise, we gone through IVF procedure with three times embryo transfer but every time I faced my frustration. That period of time was so depressing for me. With ageing, my egg count was also coming down. I was totally broken. Then one of my friend suggested for Dr. Bhavna as she conceived under Dr. Bhavna's treatment. After first meeting with doctor, I had some hope as Dr Bhavna was so energetic and hopeful for me. Even though the embryo formed was low in number and average grade but I still had energy as my doctor was hopeful. Positive attitude gave me a positive result. But best and most important part was that my doctor was with me at every moment of time...from day one to even after the delivery. She is very sincere and so transparent, guided me at every step since day one, sharing full responsibility and detailing every step of procedure. I always wish best of best for Dr. Bhavna.
Dear Dr Bhavna Banga and her entire team, "A heartfelt thanks to u for making our lost hope relive and make us proud parents of twin baby boys thru your efforts and positive vibes that u spread to us in every meet. We are married since 7.5 yrs and anxiously waited for our dream of a child to come true. Inspite of two failed IVF cycles and visiting n number of doctors all over we got no success. We had almost decided for adoption. Then thru a reference we met Bhavna mam n it was the first time in 7 yrs that I got a positive feeling from a doctor. Bhavna mam is no less than an angel, she is next to God for us. Its only thru her efforts n protocols that we are blessed with our children today. She not only excels in her profession but made us feel at ease personally as well. Even during the treatment, many times we just felt its not going to work further but Dr. Bhavna made everything possible for us. My children are her creations and thanking her is too less a word for her. We love u mam for the gift u gave us and if anyone is struggling thru a situation like us, the only solution is meeting Bhavna mam. All the best mam for your future n we just wish loads of happiness for you n your family :)"
First of all its my priviledge to get a chance to give my views regarding Dr BHAVNA BANGA.I am very happy and very excited to share my experience during this whole journey . After a very long and troublesome journey (due to some other medical criticalities) approx. 8 years of my marriage with lots of ups and downs in my life finally I became a father of a lovely child and that just because of one person Dr Bhavna mam. She is a kind of personality having “SKILL & WILL” both. In my case both worked. Initially we tried all what we can, to be a complete family but after seven years of my marriage I was totally hopeless .Then I came across Dr Bhavna mam. The very first thing which I admire during my visit is that she is very confident what she is doing and same confidence she develops in her patients too. I will say that today for me she is like a GOD to both of us. Its because of all her “Support and Will” only at every stage that we are enjoying this wonderful day .This journey of IVF was not so easy but with all her support we finally are here today. She always boosted us along with her treatments. Last but not least I can say that this will be the BEST MOMENT of my whole life. I will be thankful to her even after decades .Even whatever I will write or express is a small thing against what she has done for us . Thanks once again to her and her team. She can do wonders now I believe.
Abundant Blessings – Thank You Dr. Bhavna Banga I am writing this feedback not for the sake of my experience with Doctor, instead would like to inspire other childless couples to step ahead and move towards your future as “PARENTS”. I got married in year 2008 and my wife conceived the very next year but unfortunately due to some reason my wife could not hold on to that conception and we had miscarriage, since then we have been trying continuously but it was all negative results for us. Honesty speaking we have applied all available resorts and have changed many Doctors in 9 years. We have gone through 6 IUI’s and 3 IVF’s but every time it is hard luck for me and my wife. We were not just losing money on these expensive treatments but losing faith on God and this was also impacting our relationship as well (and being human this is very natural). After all this struggle stated above, family member of mine referred Dr. Bhavna, though we were really frustrated and don’t want to start this painful journey again but since that family member is so close that we couldn’t even say no to her and we started planning again to give it a last try. This time we were well prepared that this will be the last try and if at all this ends up with failure as usual than we will go for adoption. Then we met Dr .Bhavna for the first time, and believe me readers, I felt so good after meeting her and somewhere in our heart we felt the ray of hope and positivity. She is a true professional with ample of space in her heart for all the patients she is dealing with. We have met so many doctors before seeing her and all use to be 50% sure about our pregnancy but she was the one who said “Lalita don’t worry you will be pregnant for sure”. Our first meeting was for about 1 hrs or more and she checked all our past history with lot of patience (usually this happens very rare and that too when you have que to consult more patients.) She prescribed few test and assured us that in coming few months we will have a baby. Best part about doctor is that she is always available on call with you, if not call than what's app. Believe it or not our complete journey has relied on what's app conversation. And she is surely not money minded doctor, will only suggest you necessary test to be conducted and will explain you the reason of conducting the test and will make you understand on the outcome of the test in subsequent meeting. We have followed what doctor advised and have not invested much of our brains to figure out odds. After reviewing all our past history and present test which she prescribed in first meeting she concluded to conduct IVF in coming few months depending upon the response of medication provided to my wife. We were also very optimistic and started our journey with her, she advised my wife to be relaxed and start workout in order to lose some weight. She was not just a doctor to us in fact have played a role of mentor and friend, have always advised and suggested us throughout the journey. During our journey of all medication and test she discovered a cyst in my wife’s womb, which no other doctor have pointed in past so many years so she advised us to get this removed though surgical procedure and there after we will conduct IVF protocol. We followed the instructions and she performed the required surgery and the very next month , she planned a transfer of 2 embryos. To come to this decision she cancelled about 3 cycles of ours so she was not in hurry at all this is also one of her quality. She never consider time as barrier instead very much focused on results so we will do and go beyond her limits to make the result favorable. First trial brought us happiness and feeling of joy in our family, as the test Beta HCG was positive. We were extremely happy and we had no words to explain this happiness, we were hearing this news after long 8 years. With the results Dr. Bhawan was also extremely happy. Our first ultrasound was the day when our happiness become double as my wife was pregnant with twins. Moment I came to know about this I called up doctor and shared the result with her and she called us to see her at the hospital. From that day up to completion of first trimester she handled each and everything, basically this is the most crucial time of pregnancy and she took our entire burden and kept us positive and motivated. Usually all these infertility doctors play their role until patient is pregnant and once that happens they immediately refer you to some gynecologist but this is not with this doctor. we were blessed with a baby boy and a baby girl. Many things depend upon the doctors so be very particular about your selection, in our case we are glad that almighty blessed us with such a good doctor that helped us in bringing two little and beautiful souls in our family and in this world. Thank you is very small words but trust me Dr. Bhavna you have been such a blessing to us, we keep you in our prayers for long and prosperous life. May God bless you and your family with all the happiness in this world.
THANK YOU NOTE FOR DR BHAWNA BANGA BY KUNJAN KADAM ATRI B – BEWITCHING H - HEAVENLY A – ACE AND ATTRACTIVE W – WELL QUALIFIED N - NOBLE A -ACCOMPLISHED B - BENEVOLENT A - ACE N – NEVER GIVES UP G - GREGARIOUS A - AMIABLE It was year 2018 that we completed 06 years of our married life marred with struggle and moments of happiness with dream of becoming parent. While I (Kunjan -39) was confidant of nurturing a life my partner Amit(43) was constantly testing my resolve to be a mother. Though 6 years had elapsed, no progress what so ever seemed to be happening on that front. Despite my unwavering intention to be mother, my frustration seemed to be rising and occupying a prominent state in our mind despite our numerous unsuccessful attempts . After staying in Kolkatta, Roorkee and then moving to Delhi we had started working towards adoption of a baby girl. Despite numerous queries from family and friends about our family planning and our desire to have a child in which we had failed miserably. It was at this point of time that a friend suggested us that we must forget all our previous efforts and should visit a doctor by the name of Dr Bhawna Banga. He not only suggested us the doctor but was also kind enough to accompany us to the doctor’s office. So without much exuberance we went to the hospital with our friend to meet Dr Bhawna Banga. To our pleasant surprise Dr Bhawna was a treat to interact with. Her vivacious presence and effervescence nature made us so much at ease that the fact that we were in a hospital was totally lost out in our thoughts. We were so mesmerized with her presence that from a likely doctor patient relation we were huddled to the shrouds of a friend who had both beauty and brain in place to provide a protective blanket to us when we needed it most. Starting from the day one she answered us all our queries and removed any apprehension that we had . Her serene yet powerful presence was so influential and awe inspiring that we were willingly ready to follow her to the eternity. The most worrying concern about the future prospects of mine was to continue with my job or to resign was answered with a sheer conviction of big no by her. This conviction was so much convincing that all my doubts perished in a second that my outlook was transformed into a positive and optimistic approach about the treatment even while I am on job. Right from the day one Dr Bhawna kept us informed about the whole process which generated tremendous confidence in her with each passing day. Dr Bhawna despite being super busy woman always ensured that the activities of the day were discussed ,planned and executed in the right most spirit rather than a mere procedure. Dr Bhawna has been extremely approachable and supportive throughout and I knew I could reach her anytime . Once I panicked due to the random spotting and read all sorts of info on google but after speaking to her I felt much at ease. The comfort that emanates from her always has a calming effect on me . Dr. Bhawna has also been lovingly gentle and firm with her guidance while performing the treatment. All during the OPD ,medications and surgery she was present with us with solutions ie medicines and injections to be taken pre and post procedure . Her clear outlook on the medications and the alternatives and importance of taking injections at the time frame helped us in achieving the IVF results without realizing the pain that I had heard from others . Her willingness to be available on WhatsApp was a boon as she guided us thoroughly at each step with her messages and voice clips which were particularly magical. On the day of transplant she talked at length about the quality of eggs and precision with which procedure was adopted and also helped us increase our faith in prayers. The one incident will be particularly remembered by us and cant be forgotten speaks volume of personal touch that Dr Bhawna is involved in her case. Further it shows immense faith and confidence that she exudes in her professional skills. The day Dr Bhawna messaged me to do the pregnancy test and inform her about the results I messed it up being in state of anxiety. Without looking properly at the kit I felt that the results are negative and informed Dr Bhawna and on my own stopped the prescribed medicines. However after a day Dr Bhawna called us up and strictly instructed me to do blood test which turned out to be positive. Our destiny changed on that day when the tests were detected positive. We want to thank you for the important role that you've played in bringing our twins into our lives, `through advanced medical treatment, alternative and complementary care , personal support, love, enigmatic presence, conviction and excellent professionalism that have given us the strength to continue trying and hoping for all this time. We are a family in part because of you, and we will never forget that. We also thank GOD for everything and to give us a unforgettable friend who is an excellent human being. Dr Bhawna you are a family for us . We will always be in touch with you for this life time for sure. You are simply “supercalifragilisticexpialidocious”.
Miracles do happen. Yes, trust me, miracles do happen. We were married for four years and had been trying for a baby. Being unsuccessful, we understood that something somewhere is wrong with either of us. We approached a gynecologist and after some basic tests we got to know that my husband had a very poor sperm count. The doctor said that we cannot have a baby of our own naturally and we need to follow fertility treatment. It was then that we started searching for a fertility specialist and found out Dr. Bhavna l. We read the reviews about her and thought of meeting her once. At the very first meeting we were so satisfied with the way she listened to us and the trust that she bestowed that one day we will have a baby of our own. After further tests, we came to know that I had a very low AMH of 0.5. With such low AMH and poor sperm count, we were shattered that it would be very difficult for us to have our own baby. But it was Dr. Bhavna’s confidence and trust that kept us going. After 2 failed IUIs, Dr. Bhavna told us to go for an IVF. And in our very first IVF cycle, I got pregnant and delivered twins (a boy and a girl) with god’s grace. It is worth mentioning that she follows different protocols for every patient and for every cycle rather than adopting the same approach for everyone. The zeal with which she works is simply amazing. We have never seen a doctor who is so supportive and so easily reachable (even on her family vacations) on phone/ what's app. We are really thankful to god that we got in touch with her for our fertility treatment. Infact, we think that since god could not be everywhere he had sent her to give us our little bundles of joy. Thanks a ton once again.
Being mother is a dream of every married woman. After 3 years of my marriage, we decided to have baby to complete our family and luckily I got conceived, after 2 months without any treatment, but my first pregnancy did not retained and I got miscarriage in 13 weeks. I was completely shattered. After few months, we decided to move on. I was not conceived even after 2 years. We decided to go for IUI. I tried 3 IUI’s but all 3 were failure. I met many doctors, me and my husband all test were okay. All of them said its an unexplained infertility. Finally we decided to go for IVF.I went to Indira IVF center in Delhi. My first IVF was a failure, also there is no transparency in Indira IVF. After one year we tried second IVF from other center in Noida but it was also unsuccessful. These failures were lead to major disappointment to us. I was in pressure. Finally I met Dr Bhawna Banga. After meeting her, I feel positive vibes. I always remember her lines that "u will definitely get pregnant and will have a cute baby girl with beautiful eyes like you for sure". These lines filled me again with positive energy and we decided to go for IVF under Dr. Bhawna supervision. I adore Dr. Bhawna Banga. She is the first IVF Specialist that has given me her utmost attention during our appointments. She is personable, friendly, calm, and an absolute joy to talk to. She is young, dynamic doctor and supports the mother’s birthing plans. Doctor is full of energy, available on what's app whenever needed. First time, I saw a doctor who cares for patient financial condition also. Before transferring the embryo she always make sure that everything is fine as per her protocols. She did my hysteroscopy and then after 2 months of break she decided to transfer my embryos. Dr Bhawna Banga was eagerly waiting for my result. Luckily in first go, my IVF transfer worked. I am very happy and satisfied with her treatment and her supporting staff. l suggest that whosoever want to get a joy of motherhood should definitely consult her and have faith in the treatment protocol she suggests. By the grace of GOD, I m blessed with twins now one baby boy and one baby girl in the month of August 2020. I highly recommend Dr. Bhavna Banga!!!!!! Thanks a lot doctor you completed my family. I will suggest for all couples to have faith in her.
Dear Dr Bhavna Banga, We don't know how WE THANK YOU FOR WONDERFUL & PRECIOUS GIFTS. Making your own dreams come true is not really big but helping other people to make their dreams come true is a commendable task. We are couple married in 2007 and living in Noida. Till date we tired many times to have a baby but God didn't give us this opportunity. After every possible efforts being done from our end, we completely lost hope and started believing that we won't be able to have a child any more. After taking consultation from many other doctors and two failed IUI we are very depressed and loose hope. Then our gynecologist referred us to Dr Bhavna Banga for IVF treatment. First, I thought that it was one of the many 'birth-centers' that exist in the market. With little hope in our heart, the first time We met doctor Bhavna Banga. Seeing her experience and confidence in the subject, We felt relaxed and confident, thus deciding to continue our IVF treatment with her. Dr Bhanva Banga is very friendly, caring, truly speaking to his patient without any greedy intensions. After two failure IUI and increasing age factor she suggested us to go for IVF and we started with treatment. She gives us proper time in counselling us and preparing both of us for treatment mentally also. She has given us first IVF natural transfer but unfortunately its results come as unsuccessful after 15 days in pregnancy test. But she freeze three more embryos for us in case first attempt fails. So we have one hope still left. In very next cycle Dr Bhavna Banga transfer two frozen embryo and by the grace of God and it click this time, pregnancy test comes positive. It was the best and most beautiful moment in our life when Dr. Bhavna Banga said "Congratulations, you are Pregnant and blessed with twin babies" confirming after ultrasound. A word that seemed impossible in my dictionary of words and was a distant dream became a reality through efforts made by Dr Bhavna Banga. We thank Dr. Bhavna Banga and her whole team from the bottom of our heart. You will always be in my prayers. Would like to convey our deepest gratitude.
Dear Doctor Bhavna Banga, I am thrilled to announce the birth of our healthy baby boy!! We are so grateful to you, our miracle worker. You made an emotional situation easier for us because of your straightforwardness and kindness - what a great combination in a doctor, you always so promptly, clear all our doubts and makes us easy and comfortable!! We are so grateful to all of you for making a very difficult time in our lives so much more bearable. We were so fortunate to have connected with you and still can't believe how quickly it all happened. "We wanted to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for everything you did to make our baby dream come true.”
We are thankful to Dr. Bhavna who helped us in conceiving and become parents. We had been trying to conceive for past 3+ years. I always had irregular periods. After few months of our marriage, we realized that there was a problem in conceiving. We consulted a gynae and I was put on medications on every cycle due to regularize my periods and conceive but all in vain. I had an early miscarriage as well. We changed doctors and had two failed IUI’s. Before meeting Dr. Bhavna, I had undergone hysterosalpingogram (hsg) twice to detect any blockage in fallopian tubes. Fortunately, I came out clear and no such problem was detected in the test. We were doing what the doctors were telling us to do without us being a part of what exactly they were doing? , why were the IUI’s failing? , what protocol was being followed? .In short, we were not a part of our fertility treatment till the time we met Dr. Bhavna who took us through the entire process of our fertility treatment. We felt involved in the process. As a person, we found her very passionate and full of positivity. After going through my case history and getting necessary tests done, she was always confident that it might take time but I will conceive one day. Under her consultation, I had two unsuccessful IUI’s. We were emotionally drained but still confident as we had confidence in Dr. Bhavna’s approach. She suggested us to go for hysteroscopy, a laparoscopic process for uterus diagnosis and ovarian stimulation. Everything looked fine but we realized that I was a dense PCOD case. She asked us to take a call for another IUI or an IVF cycle. We decided for an IVF cycle and with god’s grace and Dr. Bhavna’s technical temperament towards her work, we conceived in the very first cycle. I gave birth to a healthy baby boy . All the efforts that Dr. Bhavna is making for the patients facing fertility issues is commendable. I appreciate the methodological approach that she follows in her profession. She is very intricate in handling her IUI’s or IVF cycles. After dense PCOD, a miscarriage, 4 failed IUI’s and 3+ Years of efforts; we were finally able to conceive only in 8 months time period under the guidance of Dr. Bhavna. Thank you would be too less to appreciate her efforts for helping us welcome our baby in to this world. Dr. Bhavna may you reach more heights in your profession and may loads of happiness follows you.
Words not enough to thank you for all that you did for us. You made us feel comfortable during a time that was pretty scary for us. You are a great doctor and we are so glad that you were the one to help us achieve our goal of adding to our family. We would like to thank you from the bottom of our heart for the Infertility treatment which was successful in first attempt only. We truly admire the way you handled both of us right from day one. This is biggest decision to us was to decide which doctor to select. We meet a couple of doctors in Delhi NCR but didn't get any satisfactory result.. After that one of my relative had suggested to consult with Dr. Bhavna Banga (They was also facing the same problem now they are also blessed with baby girl with the help of you), and the day we meet you and the way you filled us with confidence and your diagnosis and inference, it was clear to both of us that it is you with whom we are going to move ahead. We started the medications as per your suggestion and when we here the news that my wife is pregnent then not only we both, but my whole family was very happy and we blessed with a baby boy "ADVIK" This is really great time for us and our family and I can say with full confidence that you are not only the best doctor in India, but also best motivators, supporter with a dashing personality. The stay is amazing. You all made us feel comfortable and important. “We will never forget what you were able to do us.”We wish you and your entire team along with special thanks to sister for their journey and we pray that every patient gets the baby they along for. “Thank you so much Ma'am for your kindness and attention throughout my wife treatment. We appreciated your gentle manner and recommendations. Your patients are very lucky to have you.!” You are truly a messenger of god to people.
"Few words from bottom of our heart Its been 10 years long that we got married and since then we had been trying for a baby. But everything went against us to get Rashmi conceived naturally. After failing the natural way to get conceived, we had consulted numerous doctors in Odisha for getting conceived through different medical methods, but failed in every attempt. All these failed attempts broke our hopes, that we can have our own biological child. But perhaps The All mighty had some other plans for us. After trying for 10 long years in getting proper medical supports, fortunately one day one of my senior colleagues advised us to consult Doctor Bhavna with a very positive recommendation. My colleague had undergone IVF treatment under the supervision of Dr Bhavna and they were blessed with a baby boy few years back. This gave us a new ray of hope after so many failures that we had faced in the past ten years. Finally, we visited Dr Bhavna. We both were little nervous prior meeting Dr Bhavna, but from the very first day of our meeting & conversation, we found her very cooperative and felt a positive vibe about her. She took her time in counselling us and assured us for best of her efforts to have our own biological child. One thing I remember that she advised us to forget all the past, feel relaxed and enjoy our stay at Delhi. All her words made both of us very comfortable & relaxed. Subsequently during her course of treatments, she guided us time to time not only as a treating doctor but also as a family member. Later on, in the month of Feb’2022 we had the much-awaited confirmed news about Rashmi’s twin pregnancy. This was one of the best ever news that our family had heard in the last ten years and all this was possible due to Dr Bhavna’s sincere efforts. Finally on 04/11/2022, Rashmi gave birth to twin babies. It is a miracle, for which I thank The All mighty and Dr Bhavna that we had one girl and one boy baby which is a rare thing in case of twin babies. Finally we could have our own biological children for which we had almost lost the hope after failing for long ten years. We have literally experienced the saying – Bhagwan ke ghar der hai par andher nahin. It will be very unfair here, if I don’t quote about the efforts of the support staffs of Dr Bhavna who remained equally cooperative & caring throughout the journey.We both express our sincere gratitude to Dr Bhavna and her team who made our dream come true and pray to Lord Jagannath to bless them in all their endeavors to bring smile & happiness on many faces like us"
My words for you can not do the justice. Hence a small appreciation note. "Dr. Bhavna is such a terrific doctor, she came into our life as an angel sent by God. She is patient and understanding and made us feel like we were heard and not simply another number. In 2021 I was diagnosed with Endometriosis cyst and a very close friend cum Doctor Recommended me Dr. Bhavna for IVF treatment. She was super friendly and one thing I loved about Dr. Bhavna was a personal touch, people might not believe me but she used to remind me to take the dose. She answered all our questions. Dr. Bhavna is such a great, informed doctor and is well worth it. She was extremely thorough with her diagnosis for us which was an IVF. She provided us with options of what we wanted to continue ahead with. We were fortunate that i conceived in the first go but i can surely say bhavna's hand is superb at making sure i conceive in the first go. We are incredibly appreciative of Dr. Bhavna. Dr. Bhavna has been an answer to our prayers. We highly recommend her and if we could give her more than five stars we would definitely." Thanks a lot Dr. Bhavna
To Bhavna Banga ma'am and staff - My husband and I want to thank you for all of your help during our fertility struggle. Your medical expertise, kindness and support were so appreciated. We would like to thank all of you for everything you’ve done to make our family possible. Your exceptional care have been such a blessing for us. We are truly thankful and blessed! May God bless you with all the happiness. Thank you so so much
Its a great pleasure to meet Dr. Bhavna Banga who is such a professional and perfect in her work. We are glad to inform that we blessed with twins angels . She is very experienced and the best part is she gives proper time to their patients, her follow up is super strong, she treats her patients like her friends or family members and the most important is the way she handles everyone is superb. I know all these words are not enough for her but yes, I would really recommend everyone whosoever is facing struggle to get pregnant should meet Dr. Bhavna Banga once and talk to her because she always gives a suggestion which is right for you. Thanks again
We got started with the treatment. She gave medications to my wife and referred me to another male doctor for my problem. Initially we were very stressed about the outcome of the IVF, but gradually we became positive with all counseling sessions Dr Bhavna used to give us on every visit. Our treatment went on for 3 months with 2 egg retrievals because of low AMH. But the final outcome of the Embryo transfer was successful and my wife conceived on the very first attempt. The news of my wife conceiving came as a joy for us and all this was possible because of Dr Bhavna. She was the one who never let us lose our hope and positivity. Dr Bhavna turned out to be a creator on earth for us and we will always owe this to her for the bundle of joy we have in our arms now. Thank you Dr Bhavna for the happiness you gave, us in the form of our son. Dr. Bhavna is indeed the best IVF specialist in Delhi NCR, if not India. Highly Recommended.
Dear Dr Bhavna, We are fortunate that my doctor friend highly recommended to visit you when we were planning to have a baby. Looking at my age and having miscarried twins in my previous pregnancy, we were really worried. Not only you helped us in conceiving naturally by doing our counselling thoroughly, you also helped us in continuing this high-risk pregnancy in the crucial first trimester. Even after transferring the case to a local obstetrician, you were always there to supervise us continuously till the time of delivery. Be it my shooting thyroid level or positive double marker test report, your advice truly helped us throughout the pregnancy. You cared for us like a family member throughout this journey. We are really grateful to you to bring this bundle of joy into our life. Thank you and lots of love.
Hi, I am a mother of twin babies. Firstly | want to thank Dr. Bhavna for making it possible and keeping us positive and motivated through whole process. She is one of the finest doctors we had ever met. She treats her patients in a very friendly manner. Personally our experience with her was very good, she was available at every step, clearing our doubts and keeping us motivated. It was our 1st attempt and the results came out to be positive. I would recommend her to every couple who are facing problem in conceiving. Once again thank you doctor for making it possible to complete our family
I am glad to share my experience with Dr.bhavna. I randomly searched on Google and chose Dr. Bhavna for my infertility treatment. I m thankful to God that I have consulted with her ..she is incredible doctor..! consulted with her in, Jan 2021 and in March 2021 I conceived..just in 2 months... by the grace of God we blessed with a boy...she doesn't waste your time she values your time... she had taken great care of my health in my entire treatment..she is always connected with me whenever I needed on WhatsApp...she is lovely to speak ...i definitely recommend her, she is best infertility Doctor in town.
Through Dr Bhavna Banga. It was the 4th year of our marriage and 1.5 years had passed since we were trying for the baby when we went to see a gynecologist. After multiple tests of me and my wife, my wife was diagnosed with low AMH and I was diagnosed with low sperm count. Our gynecologist suggested we go for IVF as conceiving naturally seemed impossible for us. Then one of my colleagues suggested to us about Dr Bhavna Banga. When we went to see Dr Bhavna, it was a very scary situation for us because of all that was happening. Dr Bhavna after seeing all the reports and doing a scan of my wife told us the truth on the very first day that ours was a very complicated case as my wife was also diabetic. We were impressed by her honesty and truthfulness and decided to go with her for our treatment. We got started with the treatment. She gave medications to my wife and referred me to another male doctor for my problem. Initially we were very stressed about the outcome of the IVF, but gradually we became positive with all counseling sessions Dr Bhavna used to give us on every visit.
Dr Bhavna, We are short of words to express our joy & bliss you brought in our life. You are just phenomenal Dr with some divine powers. Journey started around two decades ago from reproductive biology associates Atlanta, Emory reproductive center Atlanta, RMA New Jersey, Servy Massey fertility clinic Atlanta, Vardaan clinic Jallandhar, Nova fertility clinic Delhi, again Virk fertility clinic jallandhar, after numerous trips and failed cycles and almost hopeless God directed us to Dr Bhavna. Everyone involved in our successful story especially told us that Dr Bhavna gave a personal attention in every step of our cycle. And finally the moment of joy in the form of a baby boy entered in our life on this Janamashtami .We name him Ayaansh. Life is full of joy, happiness and blessings. Sometimes around 2:30 am he want us to talk to him and you get all smiles and he is trying to say something, amazing grace I would say. Told you don’t have words just feel it. If infertility is an issue in your life Dr Bhavna has something special for you. Lots of love & best regards
There is a saying that “It’s never too late….” So it’s never too late to thanks anybody for their valuable efforts specially to our Doc. Today on our daughters 1st Birthday its gives us immense pleasure and happiness to saying Thank you very much as because of your valuable efforts we are so blessed to have our baby girl “Anayra”. We were so impressed by your knowledge, customized procedures, ur involvement and most important ur positive attitude gave us strength to took this big decision to go with ur instincts that “you will get pregnant very soon” as at one point of time we were loosing lil hope bcoz we were planning baby from last 5 years and my age was also increasing. You are a person with full of joy and optimism which kept us sure that we will definitely become parents one day. So today on the celebrations of her 365 days presence in our life we wanted to thank you from bottom of our hearts.
I would like to share our journey, my wife and i with you, My wife and i are sudanese nationals, We are married since October 2016, No kids. It all started when my wife was diagnosed with breast cancer on July 2019, immediately after the diagnose we travelled to Delhi seeking better treatment , After starting the treatment by my wife undergoing Lumpectomy surgery and before we start the chemotherapy we thought to freeze some embryos, We were advised by a friend to see dr BHAVNA BANGA since her reputation precedes her, for the embryo freezing and after it was successfully done by her, we then proceeded with the cancer treatment, chemo and then the radiation, tough times but we were patients and had the proper guidance and we chose the best in delhi so we passed successfully through these tough times and procedures and above all surely i have a very strong and lovely wife who endured alot with patience and beautiful gracefulness ❤️ After we finished the treatment we went back to sudan and Stayed for 2 years in which we were in full contact with our beloved dr bhavna then in the end of September 2021 we came back to delhi and resumed the procedure with dr bhavna banga, and since my wife's case was a little complicated a( CA surviver) the procedures were very delicate and alot of medical precautions has to be taken and carefully considered thanx to dr bhavna every thing went well as planned and the retrival was done by her ..... And we waited impatiently and anxiously for 10 days for the (lab result) * We cant describe the happiness we felt and the joy tears that was shed that day when the pregnancy test result was POSITIVE 😍 And thanx to god and to the max hospital and to dr. Bhavna banga 😍Now we are blessed with a one month cute healthy baby girl. Thanx dr bhavna 💐💐
Hello Mam, This mail is just to express our gratitude (though words can’t justify it) for helping us in getting the best gift of our life - our daughter. I remember the day when my wife said to me that I will try for the last time and the result will describe her course of life. That was the time when we lost our hopes trying for almost 8 years. Luckily we reached out to you through one of our friends. From day 1 of consultation, we started to believe that you are the one who will bring end to this curse. I don’t know if it was your way of empathizing with us or your professional expertise, but we really started to believe in existence of god in human form.
Dear Bhavna Mam, We are very delighted to inform you that because of your amazing talent and efforts we got a chance to become parents of a healthy baby boy. We were married for four years and were trying for a baby when we came to know that I can’t conceive naturally because of some medical reasons. It was so traumatic for me and I felt so hopeless. It was then we came to know about you from our relative. I remember how hopeful and positive you were for us in our first meeting. You always assured me that I would definitely get pregnant. Because of your superb medical skills and expertise I got pregnant in the very first attempt. I have never seen so supportive, dedicated and compassionate doctor like you. You handled my case with utmost care and patience. One thing l loved about you that you were so friendly and even used to remind me to take my medicines. You were just a message away and used to answer my every query. Although my journey to motherhood was not easy mentally and physically but your continuous encouragement made it so smooth. We will be forever grateful and thankful to you. PS: I will always tell my son that you are his fairy godmother
I m very thankful to Dr. Bhawna ma’am for giving us the meaning of life . After second IUI treatment I had conceived it is happened because of ma’am only. She is very dedicated and believes in not to give up. she always encouraged us not to lose hope and finally succeeded in making us the proud parents of beautiful daughter. I can never thank you enough for your help through this entire process.
Dear Dr. Bhavna, Thank you so much once again for all the support in the last 1 year, and bringing our beautiful daughter into this world. We would recommend you to all friends/colleagues who would need to go through this journey. Sharing our experience below - hopefully it helps other couples make the right choice. "We don't have enough words to thank Dr. Bhavna and the entire staff . I was diagnosed with very low AMH levels, making it very difficult to conceive with my own eggs. We consulted a few fertility specialists in Delhi and were advised to go ahead with donor eggs by everyone. Luckily, we met Dr. Bhavna and we knew we were in safe hands from the very first meeting. She gave us the confidence to try IVF with my own eggs and used all her expertise and advanced technologies available to make it happen. Dr. Bhavna is extremely knowledgeable, has a positive aura and takes deep interest in every patient. She took a very individualized approach in dealing with my case and was always a call/whatsapp away to address any concerns. IVF journey is very tough - physically and emotionally. However, Dr. Bhavna's positivity and encouraging words "You will get pregnant, I will not leave you until you do" made it a lot easier. We had a failed IVF cycle which was disappointing but decided to keep trying on advice of Dr. Bhavna. The second cycle was a success and I gave birth to a healthy baby girl. I would recommend all couples planning for an IVF journey to consult with Dr. Bhavna, strictly follow her protocols and see magic happen." Thank you.
Words cant express how happy my wife and I were with the care we received by Dr. Bhavna Banga and her team. I am writing this review with the hope of helping others that are going through this struggle. when we had our first consultation. She took her time to explain different options to us. she truly cares about her patients. I have never felt that, I was just another patient for her. She made us confident about being successful on this journey. We followed her advises, listened her opinion and left everything on her hand. We trusted hervery much because she made us believe. We are extremely blessed with a beautiful daughter and will be forever grateful to you Dr. Bhavna Banga & Co for everything!!
Dear Dr Bhavna, Here we are Thanking you from the core of our heart for making our dream come true. It's been 5 years we were praying for a kid and we did all what ever was in our hands but we were not so lucky to have baby till now. Thanks to my seniors who guided me the right path , You came like an angel in our life and made things possible for us with grace of Almighty gave us bundles of happiness. I think words will be less if I start writing about your dedication and zeal towards your work which is really incredible ans commendable I can never forget the way you were taking care of small small things which a normal doctor could have ignored but you were there who actually took Care of those things as well. The result is here, we are blessed with 2 little Angels & Thank you so much for everything and for bringing joy to our life .
Dear Dr. Bhavna, Words cannot express how thankful we are for giving us our miracle baby. Entering the world of IVF is beyond terrifying, expensive, and worst of all, unknown. But you walked us through it with compassion and understanding and made us feel very confident and optimistic. I still remember your words ‘You will get pregnant, you have to get pregnant’ which gave me strength to go through another round of IVF cycle after a failed one at another Center. Your individualized and personal approach to treatment made a difficult situation much more tolerable. You were always a call away for any of my concerns. We consider you a very important part of our life that we will never forget. We hope to see you soon.
There was no single day when you missed to remind us on critical tests, medicine or diagnosis. It was a feeling like we were so important to you that you can’t afford to break that trust we had in you and lead us in the path of extreme pain in case of failure. This usually is not expected from a professional unless the person is connected to you as your own. I also remember that day when you said to me - you will definitely have a baby. Each of your actions or words was like that god herself is treating us. And here we have our baby in our arms after 9 years. As I mentioned above, words might not justify our feelings and gratitude to you, but | really want to thank you for everything... May god give you a long life so that you can help others the way you helped us. Thank you so much doc....
After trying for 3-4 years and after meeting 3-4 doctors, it was God garce that we landed in your cabin. Still remember our first meet when you call that you will reach 10 mins late. Trust me earlier we were treated like get an appointment and wait for 1-3 hours without any explanation from different doctors. Even the doctors hesitate to share their number. But getting a call from you even before meeting changed our perception about care from a doctor. Since then our journey started with you and we found that you was not only focused on to give us a positive pregnancy but you have checked all the parameters, waited for them to come in limit and then tried your treatment. We really appreciate that you take care of small to small issue so that mother and baby both have a healthy journey. We are really thankful that you have blessed us with our angel, the best gift of the world. We really appreciate for the time given by you, your helpful and friendly nature. We never felt an appointment with you like typical doctor patient session but it was more of a friendly talk. Once again we are very thankful to you and your team.
Penning down this for ur wall Mam...... Its been nothing short of a miracle for us to have been blessed with Twins after 15 years of struggle and 7 IVFs. DR Bhavna Banga came into our lives as an ambassador of the mighty above and led us through it. Having undergone 7 IVFs under various doctors and hospitals, we can say without a doubt that there was definitely a far superior line of treatment and procedures under Dr Bhavna. Her protocols were meticulous and progressive which enabled us see the light of the day n on this day we share our joy with our family of four. Thanx a lot Dr Bhavna Banga
We happily would like to share our experience with Dr Bhavna Banga. For us she is not just a doctor, but a very dear friend and guide you can rely on. In our first visit, we realized that she is the one we can completely trust. She is extremely friendly, sensible, polite, listened us so patiently and made sure we are always positive. In our first meeting it felt as if we knew her since long and made sure every small point is clarified. We had gone through an unsuccessful IUI process at another clinic but when we visited Dr. Bhavna, she identified the issues and suggested IVF for favorable results. The morning we saw the two pink lines we cried of happiness as we were extremely scared as we had heard many horror stories of IVF failing. We were pregnant with twins and delivered healthy baby boy and baby girl in the month of August. We thank Dr Banga and her team for all done for us. Dr. Banga gets involved in the procedure with the minutest precision and makes sure we are always on track and leaves no gaps for any unforeseen results. She was just a text away in case of any questions or any help that we needed even after the procedure was done and we moved to a regular gyno. We also would like to thank her team of experts and supporting team. We wish that you get all the success in your work and we would always be thankful to you for your continuous support and our bundle of joy you help us have. THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT AND LOVE..!!
Thank you so much ma'am. You have helped me in fulfilling my biggest dream. I am so grateful to you. We were trying to become pregnant for two years, and I was also trying IVF solutions for two years. Unfortunately my IVF failed two times. But this time, it has successfully worked only because of you. I am really grateful to you and your team. Thank you so much Dr. Kanchi Ma'am.
Dr. Preeti Goyal
I heartily thank Dr. Kanchi Khurana for this beautiful moment. It was very helpful for me. It simply changed my life. And especially thanks to Cloudnine Hospital and all the medical staff of Cloudnine for their supportive and helpful nature throughout the entire journey. My IVF process could not be successful without Dr. Kanchi Khurana’s outstanding guidance and supervision.
Mrs. Abha Kashyap
Dr. Kanchi Khurana in one word is incredible. Not only has she taken great care of my health but also she is lovely to speak with, at every appointment. It is rare to find such a doctor that combines such formal touches and care for a patient as a person with an outstanding quality of medical care. Cloudnine Hospital provides the best IVF solutions. I highly recommend Dr. Kanchi Khurana and Cloudnine Hospital.
Mrs. Pooja Sharma
With immense happiness and gratitude, I would like to thank Dr. Kanchi Khurana for helping and guiding us with the best IVF treatment possible. She is extremely supportive and a gem of a person. After trying several options and consulting with different doctors, finally, Dr. Kanchi has made it happen for us. We are looking forward to welcoming a new member to our family. Thank you Cloudnine for making our family complete. A special thanks to Ms. Shivani for guiding and managing our consultations smoothly. Thank you again!
Mrs. Alisha Jain
Cloudnine is the best IVF centre in Chandigarh. Dr. Kanchi Khurana is undoubtedly the best doctor for IVF. All the medical staff of Cloudnine Chandigarh are extremely friendly and helpful. We had the best experience. We highly recommend Cloudnine’s IVF solutions to aspiring parents.
Mrs. Sarita Yadav
Careful guidance I got my IVF treatment done at Cloudnine , under the supervision and guidance of Dr. Indu. She's taken great care of me. I would like to thank...
Cloudnine Fertility Customer
A Dream come true We got our life's Dream fulfilled at Cloudnine. Dr Manju Nair's care throughout out IUI & IVF cycles were really great. The staff was highly supportive...
Cloudnine Fertility Customer
My first cycle on Cloudnine I was suffering from infertility for the past 2 years but I got to know of Cloudnine and was assisted by Dr. Maheshwari who treated...
Cloudnine Fertility Customer
A staff worth celebrating The staff at Cloudnine is worth celebrating. They helped us understand everything. The entire Cloudnine team is amazing.
Cloudnine Fertility Customer
Thanks for the best advice! We went to consult Dr. Uma Maheshwari. She gave us the right information about the treatment and speaks very nicely. She explained many things about the treatment where we...
Cloudnine Fertility Customer
Loving support My consulting doctor was very supportive. Even the staff here are friendly and encouraging. The services provided here are very good. Isurely will recommend Cloudnine hospital to my...
Cloudnine Fertility Customer
Help in time We are very thankful to Dr. Uma And the entire Cloudnine team for the pleasurable experience. The staff was very helpful and easily approachable. They counselled us...
Cloudnine Fertility Customer
A feeling of gratitude explodes through us for the treatment we've received.We were under treatment with Dr. Uma Maheshwari and we are very happy. She explains everything clearly and which is...
Cloudnine Fertility Customer
We appreciate her diligence We went to cloudnine to consult Dr. Uma Maheshwari. She takes care of the customer very patiently, she adviced us with much diligence and we liked her...
Cloudnine Fertility Customer
A journey to remember It was wonderful coming to Cloudnine. Dr Nair is a great doctor and human being. I thank her for being there with me throughout my journey.
Cloudnine Fertility Customer