Cloudnine Success Stories

"Before coming to Cloudnine, we started researching the hospital and the doctors. That is when we came to know about Dr. Parul Agarwal. Once we came to meet her she explained the complete IVF procedure. In the first attempt only we got a successful result. Everything went well. Thanks to all the team members of Cloudnine. Only because of them we did successfully complete 5 months of pregnancy. Actually, in Cloudnine, there are all the necessary facilities. The process is very smooth and I am very happy. Thanks to all the staff"
Mr. Siddharth Patro
"Hi, I am Nawshad and I am Aaarti Rawat. We are from Uttarakhand. We started consulting Dr. Parul Aggarwal when it was getting difficult to conceive naturally. But with the IVF treatment, we were able to conceive and I am four months pregnant now. Finally, it was a success and we are very happy. The staff and their hospitality are very good, Thank You"
Mrs. Aaarthi Rawat
We are pleased to have consulted Dr. Parul Agrawal on Cloudnine, The Hospital is well equipped and staff here are very helpful. Dr. Parul has been a great support to us.
Mr. Deepak Moda
Thanks to Dr. Parul for the flawless IVF journey that she has gifted me. She hand-held me through the whole process and was constantly available for me.
Mrs. Huma
Happy Cloudnine mom to be Mrs. Rhea talks about her amazing experience at Cloudnine fertility, Noida under Dr. Parul Agarwal's guidance and supervision.
Mrs. Rhea
Blessed Cloudnine client Navin heartily thanks Dr. Parul Agarwal for helping them to enter the journey of parenthood with Cloudnine Noida's incredible fertility solutions in one go. They have been trying for two and a half years and now with Cloudnine Hospital, their dream has finally come true. They highly recommend Dr. Parul and Cloudnine Fertility.
Mr. Navin & Mrs. Divya Thakur
I would highly recommend Dr. Priya and Cloudnine's IVF treatment to everyone who is unable to conceive naturally.
Mrs. Manju
We have been consulting Dr. Priya Varshney for one and half years now. She has helped us through everything till now. She is a very genuine and encouraging person. We really thank Dr. Priya Varshney and Cloudnine for its such supporting staff.
Mrs. Swati & Mr. Apurva
After seven years of marriage we finally could complete our family because of Cloudnine and Dr. Priya Varshney.
Mrs. Rina
Cloudnine is such a positive place and has helped us take the right decision at the right time. Dr. Shalu Gupta has been nothing less than a miracle in our life. She is a very rare combination of a wonderful doctor, a patient listener, and a very empathetic human being.
Mrs. Deepika & Varun
We have had two children through IVF and trying for the third, Dr. Shalu Gupta is a very good doctor. We are very happy with Cloudnine, its staff and Dr. Shalu Gupta
Mrs. Ayesha
Dr. Kanchi Khurana has been a great emotional support in the whole IVF journey. She is a very positive person and we have had a great experience on Cloudnine.
Mrs. Geeta Sharma
Blessed new mother Ritu and her husband express their heartfelt gratitude to Cloudnine Chandigarh's Dr. Shanujeet Kaur and the entire staff for giving them the best pregnancy and baby-delivery experience.
Mrs. Ritu
Deepika and her husband share their magical experience of becoming new parents at Cloudnine Hospital after trying for twelve years under Dr. Shanujeet Kaur's supervision. They highly recommend Cloudnine Hospital.
Mrs. Deepika
Thank you so much ma'am. You have helped me in fulfilling my biggest dream. I am so grateful to you. We were trying to become pregnant for two years, and I was also trying IVF solutions for two years. Unfortunately my IVF failed two times. But this time, it has successfully worked only because of you. I am really grateful to you and your team. Thank you so much Dr. Kanchi Ma'am.
Dr. Preeti Goyal
I heartily thank Dr. Kanchi Khurana for this beautiful moment. It was very helpful for me. It simply changed my life. And especially thanks to Cloudnine Hospital and all the medical staff of Cloudnine for their supportive and helpful nature throughout the entire journey. My IVF process could not be successful without Dr. Kanchi Khurana’s outstanding guidance and supervision.
Mrs. Abha Kashyap
Dr. Kanchi Khurana in one word is incredible. Not only has she taken great care of my health but also she is lovely to speak with, at every appointment. It is rare to find such a doctor that combines such formal touches and care for a patient as a person with an outstanding quality of medical care. Cloudnine Hospital provides the best IVF solutions. I highly recommend Dr. Kanchi Khurana and Cloudnine Hospital.
Mrs. Pooja Sharma
With immense happiness and gratitude, I would like to thank Dr. Kanchi Khurana for helping and guiding us with the best IVF treatment possible. She is extremely supportive and a gem of a person. After trying several options and consulting with different doctors, finally, Dr. Kanchi has made it happen for us. We are looking forward to welcoming a new member to our family. Thank you Cloudnine for making our family complete. A special thanks to Ms. Shivani for guiding and managing our consultations smoothly. Thank you again!
Mrs. Alisha Jain
Cloudnine is the best IVF centre in Chandigarh. Dr. Kanchi Khurana is undoubtedly the best doctor for IVF. All the medical staff of Cloudnine Chandigarh are extremely friendly and helpful. We had the best experience. We highly recommend Cloudnine’s IVF solutions to aspiring parents.
Mrs. Sarita Yadav
Careful guidance I got my IVF treatment done at Cloudnine , under the supervision and guidance of Dr. Indu. She's taken great care of me. I would like to thank...
Cloudnine Fertility Customer
A Dream come true We got our life's Dream fulfilled at Cloudnine. Dr Manju Nair's care throughout out IUI & IVF cycles were really great. The staff was highly supportive...
Cloudnine Fertility Customer
My first cycle on Cloudnine I was suffering from infertility for the past 2 years but I got to know of Cloudnine and was assisted by Dr. Maheshwari who treated...
Cloudnine Fertility Customer
A staff worth celebrating The staff at Cloudnine is worth celebrating. They helped us understand everything. The entire Cloudnine team is amazing.
Cloudnine Fertility Customer
Thanks for the best advice! We went to consult Dr. Uma Maheshwari. She gave us the right information about the treatment and speaks very nicely. She explained many things about the treatment where we...
Cloudnine Fertility Customer
Loving support My consulting doctor was very supportive. Even the staff here are friendly and encouraging. The services provided here are very good. Isurely will recommend Cloudnine hospital to my...
Cloudnine Fertility Customer
Help in time We are very thankful to Dr. Uma And the entire Cloudnine team for the pleasurable experience. The staff was very helpful and easily approachable. They counselled us...
Cloudnine Fertility Customer
A feeling of gratitude explodes through us for the treatment we've received.We were under treatment with Dr. Uma Maheshwari and we are very happy. She explains everything clearly and which is...
Cloudnine Fertility Customer
We appreciate her diligence We went to cloudnine to consult Dr. Uma Maheshwari. She takes care of the customer very patiently, she adviced us with much diligence and we liked her...
Cloudnine Fertility Customer
A journey to remember It was wonderful coming to Cloudnine. Dr Nair is a great doctor and human being. I thank her for being there with me throughout my journey.
Cloudnine Fertility Customer