Dr Google ,The 24/7 Doctor and the Infertile Couple

May 25, 2022
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Dr. Google is the virtual doctor who is available 24/7 for any person suffering from infertility. This doctor can't see the patient , can't listen to the patient and cannot touch the patient. But he has a roaring practice as he is available all the time.

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Google is like a  a powerful drug with some good effects and a few bad side effects too. Let us consider the good effects first. It is always good to be well informed as knowledge is power. It actually makes it easier for a doctor to explain the nitty-gritties of various fertility treatments, if the patients are aware and well read. There are a lot of videos available on the net that can give you a better understanding of the various procedures , surgeries and treatments . Patient reviews and feedbacks can help to find the right clinic and the most trustworthy doctors . You can also compare the costs of the various treatments and prevent from getting fooled into expensive treatments.

In  last 23 years of my fertility practice , I have realised that women surf more than men about their medical problems. All women who had a delay in conceiving, google up information about the various symptoms and myths related to infertility , but unfortunately end up being confused and frustrated. I have come across so many women who were advised to undergo the procedure of HSG which is  an X-ray done to find if the tubes are blocked , but they never did the test as they had read negative and scary opinions of the procedure on the internet.

This procedure is a basic test which if done rightly in a good centre can be quite harmless and give a lot of important information. The women will try Chinese medicines, fertility boosting diets, acupressure , naturopathic treatments , ayurvedic healing techniques and even various different sexual positions to achieve pregnancy based on the knowledge given by Dr Google.

As there is no censoring of the information on the internet, sometimes the information can be  misleading and wrong. The interpretation of the information can be biased due to your preconceived notions and  can lead to believing that the worst is going to happen to you. In medical practice , each patient is unique and there has to be individualised treatment suited for your problems. There cannot be one solution for every cause of infertility.

The best way to get the best treatment would be  to read a few reliable medical websites which could explain things in simple language or see videos and then find a real life doctor who will simplify and explain  the various treatments and medical problems related to you . Finding the right doctor should be based on word of mouth reviews as well as real reviews on the internet .On Cloudnine, we welcome patients who are google friendly and we are happy to clear any misunderstandings and myths  related to your infertility