How to Confirm Whether Sperm Went Inside

May 2, 2024
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Getting pregnant can be tricky for some couples. Some couples are ready to try many things before they opt to go for fertility treatment. One of the main aspects of getting pregnant is to get the sperm inside the vagina to help it reach the egg. So, do the sperms go inside every time? Are there ways to ensure the sperms have entered?

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How to Know if Sperm Has Entered

Can you feel when the sperm enters the body? Can you feel the sperm travelling?

You may be keen on finding out how to know if sperm has entered the vagina if you are keen on getting pregnant or avoiding pregnancy. If the sperm enters and successfully fertilises the egg, it can result in pregnancy.

You need just one of the million sperm from the semen to find the egg and fertilise it. However, just one sperm entering the female’s body will not suffice. When a man ejaculates inside the vagina, a million sperms are released and a few of them manage to travel into the cervix and uterus and up the fallopian tube. Of these, only one might successfully penetrate the egg and fertilise it. This is why unprotected sex cannot lead to pregnancy every time.

In most cases, the sperm did enter the female’s body if:

  • You had unprotected sex and the male ejaculated inside the vagina
  • If the condom broke during penetrative sex and the man ejaculated
  • If the sperm were medically injected into the woman

Just because the sperm entered the woman’s body, does not mean it will result in a pregnancy. A lot more factors play an important role in this entry becoming a pregnancy. The sperm’s health and the egg’s health play a major role in conception.

Signs Sperm Has Entered the Body

If you want to confirm if the sperm went inside the body, here are 2 sure signs that the sperm did enter:

  • Pregnancy – If the sperm did enter the body and meet the egg, it will mostly result in pregnancy. Pregnancy symptoms such as delayed periods, fatigue, morning sickness or even implantation cramps are a few signs that confirm the sperm did go inside.
  • Sperm Leakage – After sex, if you can see the sperm leaking out of the female’s vagina, it indicates the sperm went inside and came out again. Every time a man ejaculates inside a vagina, only a few get to travel up the fallopian tube. The rest of the semen flows back outside. The semen cannot stay inside permanently. So, if you see the sticky liquid leaking outside the vagina, it could be the leftover semen after what entered the body.

Can Sperm Enter If A Man Pulls Out Before Ejaculation

Many couples use the pull-out method to prevent sperm from entering the woman’s body. However, this is not a completely fool-proof method to prevent sperm from entering the woman’s body.

Premature ejaculation can happen in many cases. One has no control over this if they are having unprotected sex. When a man is aroused, pre-cum can release. If this happens inside the vagina it is possible that there may be a few sperms in the pre cum which can enter the woman’s body.

The man will only pull out before ejaculation but in the case of a pre ejaculation fluid may contain sperms and this sperms enters the body even before climaxing or the actual ejaculation. So, the pull-out method may not work out here.

Can You Increase the Chances of the Sperm Entering the Body

Those who are trying to get pregnant, are constantly looking for ways to increase the chances of the sperm entering the body. The more the number of sperm that enter the body, the higher the chances of pregnancy unless there are other medical issues.

So, how do you know the sperm is in you? Here are some ways one can try to increase the chances of sperm entering the body:

  • Ejaculating while deep inside the woman increases the chances of the sperm going inside.
  • The woman can stay on her back with her hips raised a little, after ejaculation. This gives the sperm more time in the vagina to enter the body.
  • Avoid washing or douching the vagina soon after ejaculation.

There is no guarantee these tips will help the sperm enter the body successfully. It can only increase the chances. Only scientifically proven methods like IUI can ensure the sperm enters the body for sure.

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Sperm entering the body is an important step in getting pregnant. However mereldeposition of the semen in the vagina does not always result in pregnancy. One can only increase the chances of the sperm entering the woman’s body but can never verify until pregnancy happens.


Here are some of the frequently asked questions regarding the sperm entering the female’s body.

1. Can you feel when the sperm enters the body? Can you feel it in your stomach?

2. Can you feel when the sperm enters the egg?

  • The sperm enters the egg in the fallopian tube. It can happen even 3-5 days after ejaculation. There is no way for either of the partners to know if the sperm entered the egg. The only way to know for sure if the sperm did enter the egg is after a positive pregnancy test.

3. How long should you keep the sperm inside to get pregnant?

  • There is no fixed timing to guarantee the sperm enters the egg. To increase your chances of pregnancy, the woman can lay on her back with her hip slightly elevated, after ejaculation. This position will retain the semen in her vagina and increase the chances of it entering the body. However, one cannot confirm this position can help one get pregnant.

4. Can you feel the sperm travelling?

  • No, you cannot. The semen contains millions of sperms and only a few can successfully enter the body. The woman cannot feel the sperm travelling inside her to meet her egg.