How to deal with stress caused due to infertility?

May 25, 2022
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Infertility is just a medical condition where a couple isn't able to conceive naturally; it is certainly not the end of life. Life is beautiful and full of incredible surprises. Life is the abode of the hopeful.

There's a famous quote credited to Lord  Buddha, and it means:

'If you knew how powerful your mind was, you'd never allow a bad thought in it.'

Our subconscious mind holds an entire universe, and the thoughts we create become our reality because every idea we have is like a prayer offered to the world.

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Still realizing regarding one's inability to conceive is not an easy task, it makes a person feel hopeless and anxious. But there are many treatments these days to overcome infertility of a couple, and even if they don't work out, there's always an option for adoption, which should be considered rather than breaking down and feeling defeated.

Tips to gain a more in-depth and calmer perspective to life on realizing about their infertility:

  • Acknowledge of one's feelings
  • Sharing of one's fears with loved ones
  • Asking questions regarding infertility to find solutions
  • The emotions once out of control should be released so crying and getting out the anger might just help
  • Grieving is natural in such a situation, allowing oneself to grieve and release the pain is helpful
  • Reciting positive affirmations
  • Counting ones blessing and practising gratitude
  • Practising meditation and yoga
  • Tighten the bond between family and friends
  • Communicating with one's partner with tenderness
  • Get more information on how to deal with infertility and how to get it cured if possible
  • Performing stress-reducing activities
  • Learning breathing techniques to balance both the body and the mind
  • Practising balanced exercise and keeping a watch on one's diet

After trying everything, one might feel defeated and distraught, but it is essential to remember that testing times make us the strong mettled people that we are and that doubt only cripples one's power. Humans have survived for centuries, and more had they allowed doubt civilization would have gone extinct.

It is crucial to remember that there is always hope, and we didn't come on this earth merely to exist, but indeed to create. And each and every person has the power to achieve their dreams no matter how small, no matter how big. It all starts from that one thought and at the end, that is what matters.