Natural Treatments for Perimenopause and Menopause

May 13, 2022
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Perimenopause brings about a natural change in a woman's body, the transition signifies that the body is producing less estrogen. The ovaries in women's bodies produce a decreased amount of the hormone called estrogen due to which periods or menstrual flow becomes irregular.

Some women may have short cycles and eventually the menstrual flow completely stops. When a woman does not experience any periods for a year she has reached her menopause completely. This generally happens when a woman is about 51 years of age. The symptoms of perimenopause can last from a few months to years.

Symptoms of menopause:

  • Low hormone levels
  • Vaginal dryness
  • Hot flashes
  • Difficulty sleeping
  • A decrease in sex drive
  • Slow metabolism

Although doctor prescribed medicines can be of use, it is preferable if home remedies are first tried.

Home remedies to manage menopause

Soybean-based organic products

  • Adding more soy products is useful in easing symptoms of menopause
  • Soybeans, tofu, and soy milk are the easiest to incorporate one's diet
  • Soy products are easily available
  • Soybeans contain a plant-based estrogen called isoflavones which will help with adjusting to the decreased amounts of estrogen produced by the body

Vitamin D

  • Once the ovaries stop producing estrogen women are at a higher risk of developing osteoporosis
  • Consuming vitamin D supplements may not reduce hot flashes
  • It will help make the bones stronger
  • Vitamin D also boosts the mood
  • This vitamin should help boot self-perception and stabilize emotions


  • Yam increases estrogenic activity in the body
  • Yam might work as a substitute estrogen on the body
  • Although it is not as effective as other remedies for menopause


Yoga Balances one's body internally as well as externally

  • By practising yoga one's breathing is controlled.
  • Controlled breathing helps the body's organs function in a balanced manner.
  • The hormones produced are in turn secreted in a manner fir does not hinder the mental state of the person.  .
  • Practising Yoga, pranayama and meditation is the healthiest choice irrespective of the gender.

Natural remedies help ease issues arising in the body due to perimenopause and menopause. These remedies help relax the body and mind which in turn balances the hormonal state of the body during this time.