Pregnancies and Miscarriages

October 5, 2021
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Most women who have had a miscarriage have healthy pregnancies later. Even women with unexplained multiple miscarriages have a chance of carrying another pregnancy to term. Yes, conceiving after a miscarriage may be difficult, not just because of the physical trauma but because of the psychological impact felt because of such an episode. Many women face problems giving birth, but most people are simply not aware of this fact and continue doing the daily work neglecting the requirements of their body.

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Stress leaves a deep impact on the bodily mismanagement. The modern mother, who has an active work life, usually undergoes an immense amount of stress. The result of work and family pressure is stress which is hazardous to conception. Stress does not only refer to mental stress but also the physical and emotional stress. Physical stress is common for the working mother. It acts as a disadvantage where pregnancy is concerned.

Hence, while planning a safe pregnancy it is safe to consult a doctor for good results. This can also identify few health issues like thyroid problem and imbalances in the sugar level that might need attention which otherwise may lead to infertility in women. But when the problem is due to stress a different method of approach is recommended. When stress is the problem behind infertility, meditation, yoga and exercise must be practiced. This helps both the mind and the body.

Women at times blame themselves for a miscarriage but, once a pregnancy has begun to miscarry, there is little anyone can do to prevent it since the common cause of miscarriage is a chromosomal abnormality in the developing embryo, stemming from the time of conception. The best way for the next pregnancy to be successful is to get into you best possible health before becoming pregnant again. Nutritional requirements of pregnant women are very high. To get the amount of nutrients required, the diet must be loaded with healthy nutrients. Out of the nine months of gestation, the first three are the most important.

Avoiding miscarriage may not be possible if the cause of the miscarriage is not known. Certain infections and hormone imbalances can cause a miscarriage.


The important thing to remember is that frequent check-ups and a healthy diet can lead to a full term pregnancy.