Probable Reasons Why You Are Not Conceiving

May 13, 2022
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Pregnancy may seem like a natural process, but a lot goes inside the expanse of your body, that you may not understand. The ideal age of conceiving is within the age bracket of 22 to 30. But owing to personal reasons women these days try to extend it further. It may lead to complications and problems in conceiving for women. Apart from age being a widely prevalent factor, there may be various other reasons that can cause you to have problems in pregnancy for past six months.

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Reasons that can cause you to have problems in pregnancy

Some of these issues have been mentioned and explained in detail as under:

  • Wrongful dates of ovulation:

You may not have noted the dates of ovulation before trying to get pregnant. It is in the duration of ovulation that your chances of getting pregnant are really high. If you do not have the right dates of ovulation noted, you might not be able to get pregnant despite the regular efforts of trying to conceive.

  • Male infertility:

Women have long had the habit of feeling sorry about situations and taking the blame when it is not their fault. If you are planning to start a family but have not been able to go anywhere with it, you must get yourself checked with a doctor. If your results come out normal for the reports, chances are that the partner suffers from infertility. While there is little that you can do in such a situation, at least knowing the fact that there is nothing wrong with your body can help boost your confidence and think straight for the next logical step.

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  • Age:

As mentioned before, the age of the couple plays a major role in conceiving. If you are past a certain age, your eggs may not be fertile enough to attach themselves to the sperm. If your partner is passed a certain age, then the sperm count can be quite low and lead to you not getting pregnant despite trying too hard. Hence, you should plan your pregnancy while you are in the prime of your age so that you do not face such issues later in the years.

  • Blocked fallopian tubes:

Fallopian tubes attach themselves to the ovaries and in about 20 per cent o the women, these tubes are blocked with fibroids or have cysts in them. There are ways and means to get the tubes cleared out of these problems. Sometimes the problems happen if you are overweight and do not have a healthy and active lifestyle. If you change your lifestyle and reduce the weight to bring to the normal bracket, you can easily get rid of these problems. Once you get rid of these issues, you will be able to get pregnant if there are no other complications in the body.

  • Endometriosis:

Most of the women who deal with painful periods do not figure out that they have been dealing with the problem of endometriosis all this while. In this condition, the uterus wall with the tissue grows outside the uterus and making the latter an inhabitable place for the baby to grow and attach itself. Research shows that about 50 per cent of the women deal with these problems and do not come to know of it until later in the years when there is nothing much that you can do to reverse the grounds. It is best to get yourself checked in the early years if you have painful periods so that the problem can still be solved while the time remains.

Some of these problems can be cured if you start the treatment well in time and in other cases, you should not lose heart and look forward to another positive experience like surrogacy or adoption.

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