Second to None: Seeking a Second Opinion for Infertility

May 13, 2022
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Infertility can send you through a spiral of emotions, and it's common to feel disappointed after receiving a definitive diagnosis. As you navigate the maze of treatments that follow, knowing whether you're on the right track can be confusing and overwhelming. That's why, it's essential to stay informed and verify before making any decisions.

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Tips to Receive the Best Treatment

If you've just received a diagnosis and are uncertain whether to pursue the path recommended to you, ask yourself the following questions: Why has this treatment been recommended to me? Has the doctor explained in details the reasons for this treatment? Do I know what my treatment entails, the success rates and the financial liabilities? Has my doctor walked me through each stage of the treatment plan? Does my doctor communicate with me adequately? Have I checked the qualifications and the credentials of my Fertility specialist? Do I trust my doctor?

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If you find yourself unsure of any of the answers for these, it may be worth seeking a second opinion for your infertility diagnosis. Here are some ways you can get there.

  • Be Informed

How much do you know about your overall fertility potential? Many couples rely on their doctor to chart their medical records, without gaining an insight into the details. Make sure that you keep copies of your tests and mark important dates pertaining to your treatment cycles especially if you're undergoing routines like follicular monitorings, intrauterine insemination (IUI) or in vitro fertilisation (IVF). In fact, list all of these dates on a single page for easy view; this will help you keep a track of your treatment plan and also help you summarise your journey in case you choose to seek a second opinion.

  • Stay Invested

Being emotionally invested through your infertility treatment will reap faster and better results. This means that you need to stay true to yourself and ask yourself whether you're really receiving the best treatment available. It's natural to want to continue consulting the same doctor; in fact, it's human nature to resist change. But at some point, it's important to assess whether you're happy with the way your treatment is shaping up. If you have reservations about your doctor's recommendations, attitude or diagnosis, it's a good idea to communicate and ask. Taking a second opinion could also help but remember that recommendations can vary from doctor to doctor, but don't allow this to upset you. Taking matters into your hands can be your key to superior medical intervention elsewhere.

  • Seek Reinforcement

Even if you're completely satisfied with your doctor, a second opinion can be helpful in reinstating a recommended course of action. Infertility is a vast and technical landscape with overlapping treatment areas, and each doctor has a unique way of addressing a certain condition. If you're curious between two different treatment plans, discuss the differences with your doctor to arrive at an outcome. After all, it's your body and your decision! Of course, you also need to remember that fertility medicine is constantly evolving and your doctor may not have answers for everything. While your fertility specialist will attempt to give you as high a success rate as possible, know that he or she is not a miracle-maker. Be patient and positive.

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Fertility Consultations on Cloudnine

On Cloudnine, our fertility treatments are clear-cut and phased, designed to give you the best medical intervention at every stage. Our treatments typically follow the steps outlined below:

  • Step 1. Consultation

Your fertility programme on Cloudnine will open with an initial consultation with an experienced fertility specialist, who will assess your medical history, discuss your reservations and recommend tests that will provide an insight into your condition.

  • Step 2. Diagnostic Tests

Once your test results arrive, your doctor will walk you through each attribute in detail, highlighting the correlation among them and outlining the overall fertility outcome. Your doctor may recommend additional tests based on existing test results, or move forward to a treatment plan.

  • Step 3. Fertility Recommendation & Implementation

Every treatment is underpinned by definitive test outcomes, with every protocol tailored to a couple's individual needs. No two treatment plans on Cloudnine are alike, and our success rates reflect the superlative care that we take. A trained counsellor will accompany you in every step of your treatment of attaining parenthood.

On Cloudnine, we encourage you to be as informed and invested as possible at every stage of your treatment programme. That includes seeking a second opinion. Reach out to us to schedule a second opinion for your diagnosis today and make sure you're getting the best medical treatment possible.

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