Treating The Silent Sadness of Infertility - Role of Counselling

May 13, 2022
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Infertility is a silent sadness that, as much as you try to keep it hidden, the pain is all over your face. Being infertile can be a distressing and  disruptive experience in the lives of young people with a roller coaster of various emotions like anger, despair, anxiety and isolation. Many women feel jealousy and bitterness when a known friend or relative becomes pregnant naturally. Infertility also has a stressful impact on relationships and can  also affect a couple's sex life. The condition is isolating and can impact on how a couple communicate with each other and with the people around them. When couples are confronted and asked about good news, they often tell that they are using contraception, though they would be desperately trying for pregnancy.

The fertility treatments can also be physically, emotionally and financially very demanding.  Many women find it difficult to discuss these private matters with a doctor or a nurse. If IVF is the proposed treatment, then  very often women feel less feminine and men can feel less masculine for not being able to conceive naturally Many couples do not confide with their family members about undergoing IVF due to the stigma it  carries.

Psychosocial infertility counselling is an integral part of fertility treatment, and it is mandatory that all couples undergoing fertility treatments undergo counselling from trained counsellors in the IVF centres. The British Infertility Counselling Association (BICA) states that 'infertility counselling offers patients an opportunity to explore their thoughts, feelings, beliefs and their relationships in order to reach a better understanding of the various treatments and  implications of any choice of action they may make; counselling may also offer support to them to accommodate feelings about the outcome of any treatment.

On Cloudnine, we understand your pain and our team of fertility specialists and counsellors are most willing to help you through your journey of achieving parenthood.