Learn about the importance of semen analysis report

May 12, 2022
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A sperm analysis requires checking a sample of sperm to determine the health of the sperms of a specific person.

This helps determine the cause behind male infertility and checking the outcome of a vasectomy.

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Sperm analysis

  • Helps doctors diagnose fertility issues
  • Is done to diagnose the issue behind infertility as well
  • About 40% to 50% of the time issue of not being able to conceive, arise due to male infertility

Sperm sample

  • Most doctors require a person to give a semen sample in their office
  • The semen sample is collected by a person ejaculating into a sterile cup in the private room provided for this purpose
  • At times a person can collect the semen sample at home itself by ejaculating into a collection cup while at home
  • When collecting a sample at home, people must remember to keep it at room temperature & send it to the lab as soon as possible

In order for the sample to be utilizable, a person might need to;

  • Restrain from sexual intercourse or masturbation for a couple of days before the test
  • He need not avoid ejaculation for more than 14 days before the test
  • He should avoid alcohol, caffeine, etc before the sperm analysis
  • He need not use lubricants when collecting the sample
  • He has to inform his doctor if he's taking any drug of ayurvedic remedy
  • He needn't give a sample when he is unwell

Sperm analysis identifies issues related to:

  • Sperm count
  • motility
  • The shape of the sperm

Sperm Motility

  • Sperm motility depends on the movement of the sperm
  • The better a sperm's motility the better are its chances of getting to the egg and fertilizing it
  • About 50 % of the sperm demonstrate normal motility in a sperm examination

Sperm morphology

  • Morphology describes the size and shape of every sperm
  • A healthy sperm has a long tail and an oval-shaped head
  • Abnormally sized or shaped sperm can have difficulty in fertilizing the egg
  • The typical semen contains about 4% sperm at least

Many cases of infertility arise due to sperm abnormalities. Hence, getting a sperm analysis done is a healthy choice. A person going through this process needs to adapt to a healthier way of living. A healthy lifestyle goes a long way.