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Ob-Gyn and Fertility Specialist

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Industrial Area Phase II
19 Years
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English, Hindi

About Doctor

Dr. Shanujeet Kaur is a very experienced Fertility Specialist. She has received training at the reputed Kasturba Medical College Manipal and has also attended Melbourne IVF at Royal Women's Hospital ,Australia as an observer.After finishing her Senior residency from the reputed Govt Medical College and Hospital Sec 32 Chandigarh. Her areas of specialization are recurrent implantation failures, poor res-ponders, endometriosis. She is proficient in Stem cell therapy for ovarian and endometrial rejuvenation.  High risk Obstetrics is her other passion.

She is a keen academia She is Ex Convener of Chandigarh Obs & Gynae Society.

Treasurer of Chandigarh Region Menopause Society and is an invited faculty at various regional, national, and international conferences. She has publications in international journals.




Federation of OB-GYN Societies of India (FOGSI)

FAQs & Answers

Which city and centers, does Dr. Shanujeet Kaur practice at, on Cloudnine?
Dr. Shanujeet Kaur practices at Industrial Phase II, Chandigarh.
How can I book an appointment with Dr. Shanujeet Kaur?
You can book a consultation with Dr. Shanujeet Kaur via 'Cloudnine App', through the Cloudnine website, a phone call on the customer care no, or directly from the hospital.
Why do people consult with Dr. Shanujeet Kaur?
Patients frequently visit Dr. Shanujeet Kaur for concerns related to Fertility, Gynecology, and Maternity related treatments.
When can I book an appointment?
Anytime via 'Cloudnine App' or Cloudnine's website.
What is Dr. Shanujeet Kaur's education qualification?
Dr. Shanujeet Kaur has the following qualifications: MD, FICOG, CIMP.
What is Dr. Shanujeet Kaur a specialist for?
Dr. Shanujeet Kaur is an Ob-Gyn and Fertility Specialist.

What our customers are saying about:

Dr. Shanujeet Kaur

Deepika and her husband share their magical experience of becoming new parents at Cloudnine Hospital after trying for twelve years under Dr. Shanujeet Kaur's supervision. They highly recommend Cloudnine Hospital.

Mrs. Deepika

Dr. Shanujeet Kaur

Blessed new mother Ritu and her husband express their heartfelt gratitude to Cloudnine Chandigarh's Dr. Shanujeet Kaur and the entire staff for giving them the best pregnancy and baby-delivery experience.

Mrs. Ritu

Dr. Shanujeet Kaur

"The overall experience with Cloudnine has left me short of words. Right from the day we went on this beautiful journey, we did the right thing of coming directly to Cloudnine. We met Dr. Shanujeet Kaur. I don't have words to express my gratitude. I have never seen such a humble, polite and patient doctor. Dr. Gitika and Dr. Shanujeet Kaur handled our queries very well. They cleared all our doubts about the baby. Thank you Shanujeet ma'am. Thank you Dr. Gitika and Cloudine Hospital. The nurses were humble and polite. Cheers to everybody. Thank you".

Mrs. Impreet Kaur

Mrs. Shanujeet Kaur

"Dr. Shanujeet Kaur is very good. After coming to ma'am, I got a positive result who's sitting on my lap now. I had many complications after conceiving. During that time, ma'am was very positive and would motivate me. My time with her was very good. The staff here are very good and supportive. All the doctors are good. Dr. Shanujeet Kaur has been very helpful and always been there for me in times of need. I will recommend everyone to come to Cloudine, the doctors and staff are very friendly. I will specially recommend Dr. Shanujeet Kaur because my experience with her has been very good"

Mrs. Vineet

Dr. Shanujeet Kaur

"After meeting Dr. Shanujeet Kaur, I began my IVF journey with Cloudnine. Ma'am was very supportive and kept encouraging me that even if it's tough it will be fruitful. She kept me strong. I could get through this journey, only with her support. At Cloudnine, the staff were very supportive. Thank you, Ma'am and thanks to the Cloudnine staff. I cannot thank Dr. Shanujeet Kaur enough for giving me this bundle of joy"

Mrs. Sunita

Dr. Shanujeet Kaur

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Dr. Shanujeet Kaur

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