Cloudnine has gained significant recognition for its fertility centres in Mumbai, sealing its cachet in the fertility realm of India's financial capital. Cloudnine, Mumbai is equipped with cutting-edge fertility technologies designed to improve outcomes and shorten lead times. Both centres boast an eminent team of fertility specialists and embryologists, that have successfully furthered Cloudnine's long-standing legacy of providing uniquely personal fertility solutions to every couple.

Infertility Treatment Suite at Cloudnine Fertility, Mumbai

Cloudnine's fertility clinics in Mumbai offer a holistic bouquet of treatments. Oftentimes, treatments are layered to create customised solutions for individual couples. Cloudnine's treatment suite in Mumbai includes:

  • Tubal evaluation
  • In vitro fertilisation (IVF)
  • Blastocyst transfer routine
  • Intrauterine insemination (IUI)
  • Ovulation induction and cycle monitoring
  • Surgical sperm retrieval (SSR)
  • Intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI)
  • Embryo cryopreservation
  • Egg vitrification
  • Hysteroscopy and laparoscopy surgery
  • Doppler test and urological procedures
  • Time lapse embryo monitoring
  • Laser assisted hatching (LAH)
  • Endometrial receptivity analysis test (ERA)
  • Preimplantation genetic screening (PGS)
  • Preimplantation genetic diagnosis (PGD)
  • Sperm DNA fragmentation testing
  • Andrology services for male infertility treatments


Cloudnine Fertility- Malad
116, First Floor, Siddhachal Arcade, CTS Nos. 1084C and 1186A, New Link Rd, Malad West, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400064

Cloudnine Fertility- Vashi
1st Floor, Opp. Jaipuriar School, Phase 2, Sector 19D, Vashi, Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra 400705

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