What Is Counselling?

Infertility can be a draining, daunting journey, leaving you with fewer emotional, financial and physical resources than you'd like. While it is essential to build an adequate support system around you and confide in those close to you, a trained counsellor can lead you and your partner through a labyrinth of emotions and thoughts, helping you arrive at an outcome suitable for both of you. The counsellors on Cloudnine employ an array of psychotherapies while working with guests, tailoring their methods in line with individual backgrounds and goals.

Why Choose Counselling?

Counselling can help you rise above your insecurities, fears and setbacks, and set you on a new path of wholeness, healing and growth.

What Are the Steps of Counselling?

On Cloudnine, a counselling programme is spread across three fundamental steps of your fertility journey.

  • 1Day of Fertility Recommendation

    Your counselling programme opens with an introductory session soon after your doctor has proposed a fertility recommendation to you. Your counsellor will highlight the road ahead and let you in on what to expect over the next few months.

  • 2Day of Ovum Pickup

    If you've opted for an in vitro fertilisation (IVF) routine, the day of your ovum pickup will culminate in your second counselling session. This session will work as a sounding board for your thoughts as you embark on your new adventure. You will also be guided through the road ahead.

  • 3Day of Embryo Transfer

    Soon after your embryo transfer routine is complete, you will be drawn in for a discussion with your counsellor about the odds of implantation and conception. Your counsellor will prepare you for the days until your first ultrasound and help you manage your fears, doubts and anxiety. À la carte counselling sessions beyond the purview of this fertility framework can be opted for. Reach out to your Cloudnine Companion for more details.

What Are the Risks of Counselling?

None at all! Unlike a medical intervention, counselling is a mental, spiritual and emotional process that can transform the way you perceive your life's plan. On Cloudnine, we advise every couple undergoing fertility treatments to seek counselling along their path to pregnancy.