What Is a Doppler Test?

A Doppler test is a sophisticated diagnostic tool that generates high-frequency waves to measure blood flow to the penis. It is particularly helpful in evaluating erectile dysfunction (ED). Before the commencement of the procedure, your doctor will likely administer an injection that will cause an erection. During the erectile window that follows, an ultrasound device will gauge the flow of blood to the penis to present the root of the ED.

Why Choose a Doppler Test?

A Doppler test is most often performed on men who have witnessed frequent episodes of erectile dysfunction (ED).

Is a Doppler Test Right for Me?

A Doppler procedure is recommended if you've been suffering from erectile dysfunction (ED). ED can be a significant hurdle in the lead up to ejaculation, in turn, hindering your fertility. If you find that drawing an erection is becoming increasingly difficult, consider consulting your doctor for a Doppler test.

What Are the Steps of a Doppler Test?

On Cloudnine, a Doppler ultrasound is a routine, painless process that stimulates an erection so that the penile curvature, arteries and veins can be examined.

  • 1Stimulated Penile Erection

    The penis is a conducive canvas to draw information from only when it is erect. Hence, your doctor may pass a tiny, lightweight needle through the penis to elicit an erection. In the ten minutes that follow, you should experience a complete erectile stimulation.

  • 2Penile Examination

    An erection provides an effective window for your doctor to examine the curvature of the penis, and to check for any wounds, malformations or indents. Your doctor will also gauge the blood flow, discuss the outcome of the test with you in detail, and walk you through the next possible steps.

What Are the Risks of a Doppler Test?

There is an extremely low likelihood of a Doppler test leading to any significant side effects. The only risk that the procedure potentially poses is an extended erection.

Doppler Test

Doppler ultrasound testing is an extremely useful investigation of erectile dysfunction (ED) and Peyronie's Disease. It can help your fertility doctor look for evidence of conditions such as retrograde ejaculation and ejaculatory duct obstruction. Ultrasound is useful to examine the anatomy of the testes and other scrotal contents. One of the commonest conditions detected after an ultrasound is a varicocele. The Doppler ultrasound helps to understand the severity of varicocele and helps in planning further treatment.

Male infertility Treatment

Diagnosing infertility usually begins by looking at male infertility, as a male diagnosis is less invasive than female diagnosis. Diagnosis may include a full medical and surgical history review, physical examination and semen analysis. At Cloudnine, our fertility experts provide a variety of male infertility treatments. Our advanced infertility treatments have brought happiness to many couples.