Endometrial Receptivity Analysis (ERA)


What Is Endometrial Receptivity Analysis?

An in vitro fertilisation (IVF) routine aims to accurately time the readiness of the endometrium and the placement of the embryo. Unfortunately, this timing is not always accurate, impairing implantation. That’s where endometrial receptivity analysis (ERA) comes in. ERA is a pathbreaking technology that helps embryologists to scientifically determine endometrial preparedness at a nanoscopic level. By performing an embryo transfer during the optimal endometrial window, the chances of implantation rise.

Why Choose Endometrial Receptivity Analysis?

Endometrial receptivity analysis (ERA) is far ahead of other methods of endometrial assessment. Here’s how.

Scientific Approach

Endometrial readiness differs from woman to woman and predicting the ideal window for implantation can thus be challenging. ERA is a customised diagnostic tool that identifies a conducive window for implantation accurately.

Obsolescence of Other Diagnostic Methods

Other diagnostic systems to assess endometrial viability hinge on structural variations in tissues and their results display tremendous variance. ERA detects even slight molecular discrepancies, ensuring that every tiny detail is accounted for.

Is Endometrial Receptivity Analysis Right for Me?

On Cloudnine, we recommend endometrial receptivity analysis (ERA) for guests who have a history of unsuccessful embryo implantation. Often, despite a spate of agreeable parameters like quality embryos, a healthy uterus and an adequate endometrial thickness, implantation fails to occur due to an ill-timed embryo transfer. ERA is also advisable for guests whose endometrial thickness fluctuates from cycle to cycle, not always touching the 8-millimetre benchmark.

What Are the Steps of Endometrial Receptivity Analysis?

An endometrial receptivity analysis (ERA) involves two main steps, which work in sync to provide insights to your fertility consultant about the health of your endometrium.


Endometrial Biopsy

First, an endometrial biopsy is performed by your doctor, between the 19th and 21st day of your menstrual cycle. The routine is conducted using a Pipelle catheter, and is quick and straightforward.


Gene Sequencing

Once the biopsy is performed, your doctor will carefully examine the pattern of the 236 genes that play a role in endometrial readiness. A pioneering technology hosted exclusively on Cloudnine then sieves through the data to recognise whether the endometrium is receptive or not. Based on the output, your fertility consultant will discuss a treatment route with you.

What Are the Risks of Endometrial Receptivity Analysis?

The risks associated with endometrial receptivity analysis (ERA) are few and far between. Risks, if any, could be environmental, or posed by the procedures related to ERA.


Any invasive procedure can give root to an infection, if not performed salubriously. Hygiene is one of our foremost priorities on Cloudnine with our sanitisation norms having set new trends in the Indian medical space. Our hospitals and equipment are thoroughly disinfected after every procedure.


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Cloudnine Helped Us Realise Our Long-Held Dream of Parenthood.
Dr. Radhika Sheth was our pillar of strength throughout our days of infertility. When we consulted her, she suggested that my wife and I pursue fertility treatment on Cloudnine. Cloudnine gave us the best of both worlds; the comfort of consulting Dr. Sheth and easy access to first-class amenities. Over the span of 4 months, we underwent 6 treatment cycles in order to beat our stubborn condition. And in the end, our persistence paid off. Thanks to Dr. Sheth, we conceived. We were so content with our experience, that we opted to continue our affiliation to Cloudnine with their signature maternity experience. After all, Cloudnine helped us realise our long-held dream of parenthood.

Mr. Amit Kumar
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My fertility treatment plan on Cloudnine was composed of an HSG test followed by two IVF cycles. The experience was very good, and if it weren’t for the support and encouragement I received from the doctors and nurses, I wouldn’t have become a mother to my baby boy. I am thankful to Cloudnine for giving me the gift of motherhood.

Mrs Meena
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I was referred to Dr. Uma Maheshwari early this year. At the outset, it was an emotional experience, but Dr. Maheshwari and all the nurses, especially Divya, Omana and Ranjitha, were warm and embraced me like they would, family. Dr. Uma was very caring and always remembered every little detail about my pregnancy. Best of all, she was available when we needed her.
I consider Cloudnine a very lucky place. I came here looking to go through fertility procedures and artificial conception but ended up conceiving naturally. I would recommend Dr. Maheshwari and her entire team to those looking for quality fertility solutions. Thanks to the entire team for taking such good care of me.

Mrs Rakshambi Kai K
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I opted to meet Dr. Radhika Sheth at Cloudnine Hospital, Malad, to discuss fertility treatment options. I knew I’d made the right choice when I discovered how approachable she was. She was very cooperative, always available, ever-smiling and full of positive energy. Not only did she suggest the right treatment plan for me, she worked hard to make me feel special along the way.

Mrs Shruti Pansari
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I am extremely pleased with the experience we had with Dr. Radhika Sheth. After having undergone fruitless fertility treatments for more than two years with other doctors, I was finally able to conceive after an IVF cycle administered by Dr. Sheth. Needless to say, she was very helpful and supportive throughout my treatment tenure. I am and always will be eternally thankful to Dr. Sheth for giving me my precious bundle of joy.

Mrs. Bhumika Vashisth
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I am extremely happy with the treatment we received from Dr. Radhika Sheth and her team at Cloudnine Clinic. The doctor devoted ample time to hearing about our medical history, present problems and general issues we were facing. She was very understanding and would patiently answer all the questions we asked her. During the first visit itself, Dr. Sheth assured us that we would get pregnant; that there was absolutely no doubt about it. Hearing those words was a big relief and instantly boosted our confidence. We started our fertility treatment last year, after which, much to our delight, we finally conceived. We are eagerly awaiting our baby now and can hardly express our happiness in words. We consider ourselves very lucky that God directed us to Cloudnine Clinic.
Thanks to Dr. Radhika Sheth and her entire team for making our journey to conception worthwhile. Last but not the least, a big thumbs up to all the administration staff for the wonderful operational support.

Mrs Vaishnavi Ghosalkar
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I am very happy to share experience I had with Sure. I tried to conceive from past 1 year without any success. I had gone to many doctors in Bangalore and at my hometown but I couldn’t conceive. I came to know about Sure from Cloudnine hospital. I had posted a message for appointment and I immediately got a call from Sure. I was amazed with their immediate response. This experience continued. I got an appointment with Dr. Jyothi Menon and was very much satisfied with her answers during my first visit itself. I got confidence with her words. Based on her advice, we thought of going for a treatment at Sure. Her way of treatment was very good. We had to visit Sure 4-5 times in the first cycle. My first cycle at Sure was successful. I am 3 months pregnant now. I am very thankful to Dr. Jyothi Menon. Staff at sure are really caring, supportive and are cool in answering all the questions. Especially I need to mention about Swetha at reception. I had very good experience with her every time I go there. Ambience at sure is very good and hygienic. Nursing staff is also very caring.Overall it was a wonderful experience.

Mrs. Asha
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Doctor was available as per the appointment which is very much appreciated. Doctor spoke to us in a very encouraging manner and presented the facts clearly. Support staffs were very polite and responded to situation. GREAT SERVICE!

Mrs. Harini
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The team is fantastic, very co-operative and knows their jobs. At OT sister Shyamala was at most courteous, understanding by sharing her love and affection to me. The admin team is well managed and carry their duties effectively GRE-Geetha and others. The other nurses Sangeetha, Sherly others whose name I am not able to recollect were very good especially while injections. Overall very impressed with the setup and have started referring people.

Mrs. Jaya
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It was a wonderful experience, I am very glad with the way all the doctors, nurses have supported me. Hope to see the clinic grow bigger and maintain its reputation throughout. Thanks to all of you and I hope to come back as a ‘MOM’.

Mrs. Payal

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