Oocyte Donation

What Is Oocyte Donation?

For women whose eggs are not healthy or resilient enough to achieve a pregnancy, an oocyte donation programme may be a recommended path to conception. On Cloudnine, our superior third-party reproduction programme matches you with healthy, fertile and young donors who exhibit similar physical characteristics and features to you. The oocyte donation programme never exposes you to potential donors, ensuring an enduring wall of anonymity and confidentiality for both parties. A recommended donor is screened for infections like HIV, hepatitis B, hepatitis C and syphilis at the very outset.

Why Choose Oocyte Donation?

Oocyte donation on Cloudnine is a skilfully tailored programme that connects you with donors who are healthy and young, with a proven fertility record.

Carefully Handpicked

All our oocyte donors are carefully handpicked based on a range of fertility criteria, with the most significant being age. Members of our donor pool are all younger than 30 years.

Fertility Record

All our donors have produced at least one healthy child in the past. Further, a donor’s fertility potential is reviewed by a spate of scans and blood tests.


Donor and recipient profiles remain confidential and anonymous through a donor programme, protecting your identity, and theirs, at every stage.

Physical Conformity

The donor match process is a meticulous, methodical process that seeks to link a donor and a recipient based on physical likening.

Medical Screening

As a first step, a selected donor is screened for infections like HIV, hepatitis B, hepatitis C and syphilis.

Is Oocyte Donation Right for Me?

An oocyte donation programme is particularly suited for older women, women with premature ovarian failure, a genetic predisposition or repeated failed in vitro fertilisation (IVF) cycles owing to subpar eggs. That said, oocyte donation is pointed at a broad spectrum of subfertile and infertile women, and may be recommended to you if traditional interventions are unsuccessful. On Cloudnine, our oocyte donation programmes are strictly aligned with the guidelines laid out by the Indian Council of Medical Research. In light of this, a donor and a recipient remain anonymous to each other through the programme and beyond. Also, at the outset, an egg donor and her husband are mandatorily asked to sign a contract-cum-consent form with Cloudnine. Consequently, the donor and her husband lose all rights over donated eggs as well as any resultant children produced thereafter.

What Are the Steps of Oocyte Donation?

Cloudnine partners with a network of assisted reproductive technology banks for its oocyte donation programme. The oocyte donation programme follows the steps outlined below.


Donor Selection

Once you opt for an oocyte donation programme, your doctor will specially select a donor who matches your clinical and physical attributes.


Donor Evaluation

Your potential donor’s fertility potential is evaluated based on scans and blood investigations. These tests help to rule out the possibility of medical conditions and infections.


Ovulation Induction

Upon exhibiting adequate fertility potential, your anonymous donor is administered daily injections to induce ovulation.


Uterus Preparation

While your donor prepares to release eggs, your uterus is readied for embryo transfer through a course of medications aimed at building the uterine lining.



As a final step, your donor’s eggs are collected and artificially inseminated with your husband’s sperm. Embryos produced in the laboratory through this process are then transferred to your uterus.

What Are the Risks of Oocyte Donation?

Oocyte donation is a plain-sailing process that seldom results in by-products or symptoms.


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We went to cloudnine to consult Dr. Uma Maheshwari. She takes
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A feeling of gratitude explodes through us for the treatment we’ve received 🙂

We were under treatment with Dr. Uma Maheshwari and we are very
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Thanks for the best advice!
We went to consult Dr. Uma Maheshwari. She gave us the right information about the treatment and speaks very nicely. She explained many things about the treatment where we never had a clue about it. She also gave us the best advice.
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I got my IVF treatment done at Cloudnine , under the supervision and guidance of Dr. Indu. She’s taken great care of me. I would like to thank her, the staff and the entire team of Cloudnine.

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My consulting doctor was very supportive. Even the staff here are friendly and encouraging. The services provided here are very good. Isurely will recommend Cloudnine hospital to my friends and family.

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The staff at Cloudnine is worth celebrating. They helped us understand everything. The entire Cloudnine team is amazing.

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We are very thankful to Dr. Uma And the entire Cloudnine team for the pleasurable experience. The staff was very helpful and easily approachable. They counselled us and gave us and helped remain calm.

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My first cycle on Cloudnine

I was suffering from infertility for the past 2 years but I got to know of Cloudnine and was assisted by Dr. Maheshwari who treated me and after my first cycle and some medication prescribed by her, I got pregnant. I am very thankful to Cloudnine and Dr Uma Maheshwari.

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A Dream come true

  • We got our life’s Dream fulfilled at Cloudnine. Dr Manju Nair’s care throughout out IUI & IVF cycles were really great. The staff was highly supportive too. Whenever we had a query, doctors replied to them ASAP, even during for midnight via Whatsapp. We conceived only after the treatment we received by Dr Manju at Cloudnine hospitals. Thank you from the core of our hearts
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