What Is DNA Fragmentation Index of Sperm (DFI)?

The quality and integrity of your sperm are vital factors in determining its motility, concentration and morphology. However, DNA fragmentation can damage sperm, and can be a contributor of subfertility and infertility. DNA fragmentation index (DFI) is a superior diagnostic and prognostic tool used to evaluate the degree of fragmentation of sperm. The procedure offers far better results than traditional tests, detecting details that reach beyond conventional methods.

Why Choose to Calculate DNA Fragmentation Index of Sperm?

DNA fragmentation index (DFI) is something that should be considered if infertility or subfertility of the male partner is suspected.

Is Calculating DNA Fragmentation Index of Sperm Right for Me?

With a rise of reproductive toxicants lurking in various environmental quarters, sperm fragmentation is on an incline. Sperm DNA fragmentation could be a barrier to male fertility. The possibility of fragmented sperm exists even when other attributes like sperm motility, count and morphology are normal. If you and your partner are experiencing difficulty conceiving, consider consulting a fertility specialist to explore the DNA fragmentation index of your sperm (DFI).

What Are the Steps of Calculating DNA Fragmentation Index of Sperm?

The DNA fragmentation index of sperm (DFI) is gauged through a straightforward test, akin to a regular semen evaluation.

  • 1Semen Procurement

    At the outset, a semen sample is obtained from the male partner for examination.

  • 2Sperm Evaluation

    Our specialised team of embryologists evaluates the semen sample by running it through an array of sophisticated diagnostic tests to measure the degree of sperm DNA fragmentation. The condition can be sidestepped with an effective fertility plan. Our fertility specialists will sit down with you and your partner to discuss a suitable solution, should you be diagnosed with sperm DNA fragmentation.

What Are the Risks of Calculating DNA Fragmentation Index of Sperm?

The risks that stem from sperm DNA fragmentation have no bearing on the health of the male partner. There are, however, some perceived limitations of the procedure.

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Sperm DNA fragmentation

SCSA stands for sperm chromatin structure analysis. Other names describing the same test are: sperm DNA fragmentation test, sperm chromatin fragmentation test. A vital step in finding a solution for infertility involves finding the problem! The Sperm DNA fragmentation test quickly and accurately identifies men who are less likely to achieve a term pregnancy, either naturally or with Assisted Reproductive Techniques (ART, IUI, IVF/ICSI). It does this by determining the percentage of sperm with fragmented DNA and the degree of DNA damage. The results from the test can help couples and their fertility experts determine what the next steps should be.