• I am very happy to share experience I had with Sure. I tried to conceive from past 1 year without any success. I had gone to many doctors in Bangalore and at my hometown but I couldn’t conceive. I came to know about Sure from CloudNine hospital. I had posted a message for appointment and I immediately got a call from Sure. I was amazed with their immediate response. This experience continued. I got an appointment with Dr. Jyothi Menon and was very much satisfied with her answers during my first visit itself. I got confidence with her words. Based on her advice, we thought of going for a treatment at Sure. Her way of treatment was very good. We had to visit Sure 4-5 times in the first cycle. My first cycle at Sure was successful. I am 3 months pregnant now. I am very thankful to Dr. Jyothi Menon. Staff at sure are really caring, supportive and are cool in answering all the questions. Especially I need to mention about Swetha at reception. I had very good experience with her every time I go there. Ambience at sure is very good and hygienic. Nursing staff is also very caring.Overall it was a wonderful experience.

    Mrs. Asha
  • Doctor was available as per the appointment which is very much appreciated. Doctor spoke to us in a very encouraging manner and presented the facts clearly. Support staffs were very polite and responded to situation. GREAT SERVICE!

    Mrs. Harini
  • The team is fantastic, very co-operative and knows their jobs. At OT sister Shyamala was at most courteous, understanding by sharing her love and affection to me. The admin team is well managed and carry their duties effectively GRE-Geetha and others. The other nurses Sangeetha, Sherly others whose name I am not able to recollect were very good especially while injections. Overall very impressed with the setup and have started referring people.

    Mrs. Jaya
  • It was a wonderful experience, I am very glad with the way all the doctors, nurses have supported me. Hope to see the clinic grow bigger and maintain its reputation throughout. Thanks to all of you and I hope to come back as a ‘MOM’.

    Mrs. Payal
  • This is the first time we had undergone the IUI procedure. We would like to thank Dr.Reeta and the support staff for all the care and support during the course of procedure. All the queries that we had were addressed to our satisfaction. All the best!

    Cloudnine Fertility Customer
  • Thanks to Cloudnine Fertility and the good wishes of the staff and the positive attitude of the doctor we have now have happiness in our life.

    Cloudnine Fertility Customer
  • A very good hospital to get treated for any fertility related issues. Doctors are extremely co-operative and supportive.

    Cloudnine Fertility Customer
  • We are very happy with the treatment and kindness. We are now blessed with twins.

    Cloudnine Fertility Customer
  • After 10 years I found a doctor who took my case positively and brought the joy of motherhood in my life.

    Cloudnine Fertility Customer
  • Had a comfortable experience. Doctors are very re assuring. Very friendly staff. Overall a satisfying experience.

  • My wife underwent IVF+ET at sure. Her experience has been excellent. All the nurses have been very sweet and kind, taking excellent care of my wife. Infertility specialist answered our questions patiently and was always available to clarify our doubts even on the phone.

    Mrs. Jaya
  • It has been a very good experience at sure till now. The ambience over here is very friendly. Infertility specialist has been very nice and cooperative with us. The clinic is very clean and hygienic. All the staff is nice and caring overall it has been nice experience and I am looking forward to visit sure for my next procedure.

    Mrs. Aparna
  • Very polite and good sisters, clinic is clean and tidy. Infertility specialist is excellent and approachable. She is a good listener and ensures we are comfortable. Overall a very good experience. I hope and pray that this good experience eventually turns out to be better when we “Conceive joy”.

    Mrs. Harini
  • Staffs are very friendly. Would like to compliment Nurse-.Sangeetha for her great service with a smile. Dr.Reeta Biliangady has been very comforting warm and clear in her instructions. The process was painless and will recommend my friend and relatives to sure.

    Mrs. Sunitha
  • The team is doing great. You guys not only give life to the new born but also to the people depending on the new born. Is truly a noble job keep up the good work!!! Thank you so much.

    Mrs. Ragini
  • Very Good Services, I will recommend my known people for this hospital Dr.Reeta had been amazing in her consultations, treatment and overall it was a satisfying experience to me. Hygiene has been maintained well. Thanks for all.

    Mrs. Shwetha
  • Very pleased with the gesture of doctor and all the hospital staff despite being a Sunday really appreciate all help that we are receiving and hope that we get positive results.

    Mrs. Manjula
  • Courteous and efficient and kind staff, clean environment. Infertility Specialist listens to patients and answers all our questions. Excellent place and doctor and I would suggest this place my friends and relatives

    Mrs. Shailaja
  • Good Ambience. I was taken care very nicely and felt comfortable throughout. I felt I was in safe hands and that’s the best compliment- I feel that I can give. Thank you.

    Mrs. Seetha
  • The Hospitality of the sister and all employees in the hospital is very good. Specially Dr.Reeta Biliangady co-operation and suggestions +ve. The way she treats is very excellent. All are very co-operative and friendly personal and feel that interaction with Dr.Reeta madam as like with my family member. Thanks to each and every one for their care on patients.

    Mrs. Bhavya
  • Staff is loving and caring. Doctor is very co-operative. Sorry I disturb her none and then.

    Mrs. Syeda Nausheen
  • It is very good and all the services are best. All the staffs very kind to us so keep going. I am at right place for sure for my problem. Hoping for results. Thanking you all.

    Mrs. Rajani
  • Very good hospitality and staff are very encouraging and helpful.

    Mrs. Rupashri
  • The ambience is excellent and the technology is classic. The personal touch given by the doctor and staff is extremely satisfying.

    Mrs. Anjum
  • Atmosphere is too good, excellent service homely atmosphere, caring staff and overall OT is clean & hygienic. Thanks for all the good service and support.

    Mrs. Ramya
  • Doctors, Techinicians and nurses are very good. Good response from all the staffs in Cloudnine Fertility.

    Mrs. Poonam
  • Very helpful nursing staff. Have been very patient and professional in their approach. Had a very pleasant experience with all of them. I am really impressed with them and thank them for all their support.

    Mrs. Shraddha
  • All The staff are wonderful. Thank you. My only suggestion would be to ask people to be a little quiet when the person is resting. Otherwise all wonderful. Thank you very much.

    Mrs. Shruthi
  • First I came here by seeing an article in a paper than after coming here, I felt it is one of good hospital and Infertility specialist is a very good doctor, she communicates with patient very cool and I like this character very much, here all the sisters are also very good and caring.

    Mrs. Shreevalli
  • Caring Staff – appreciate Sangeetha holding my hands and feet. Good explaination of anaesthetic once I asked for it. Transfer to softer bed afterwards for rest would be nice. Bit more explaination of what’s happening next would reduce fears further, but ladies did explain a bit which I did appreciate.

    Cloudnine Fertility Customer
  • Dr. Lata’s consultation was very helpful for us. Despite having PCOD, I was able to conceive within few cycles. She is encouraging and affable, hence helped me to keep a positive attitude throughout the treatment. My deepest gratitude for helping us through this phase.

    Mrs. Garima
  • When I heard that I am going to become a Mother, I was overwhelmed and very happy. Being a mother is a wonderful experience and I am fortunate to have experienced it. I am thankful to Dr. Gouri madam for treating me and helping me experience the joy of motherhood.

    Cloudnine Fertility Customer
  • Thank you very much for these great moment in our life. We are very happy for the service provided to us. Very very caring also very thanks to Harsha sister and big heart to my friend (Varsha Chipkar) who made this possible. Dr Gouri thanks once again it would have not been possible without you.

    Cloudnine Fertility Customer
  • Dr. Gouri Gupta and team: A big Thank you! My husband I cannot express our joy. You have been extremely caring and approachable at every step. All thanks to your care and advice we are finally pregnant! Thanks so much

    Cloudnine Fertility Customer
  • Thank you so much to Dr. Gouri Gupta. We and our whole family are very happy because of you for me and my husband. This is like a magic only what you have done for us. We were hopeless that time, but you came in our life and gave us support. A big support for Dr. Gouri. You are like God for us. We were crying for one baby and now because of you we got twins. Thank you so much, you are been so caring so friendly with us.

    Cloudnine Fertility Customer
  • A big Thanks! To the entire team. Dr Gouri & Harsha has been very patient with me & have been always responsive and available for any small query. I am grateful to be under trust worthy hands of Dr. Gouri Thanks once again
    From a husband POV, an IVF brings in the need of a lot of understanding patience and support as our role is very limited and to see Mrs. Go through the entire process is not very easy and most of all, the 2 week window of uncertainty and wait is the most challenging. I heartfully appreciate the professionalism, support and comprehensive care provided by each person of Dr. Gauri’s team. The overall experience has been exceptional and the facilities @ cloud9 are best in class. We couldn’t have been under better hands. A BIG HEARTFELT THANK YOU TO Dr. Gouri and Team.

    Cloudnine Fertility Customer
  • Lots of thanks to the entire team, Dr Gauri Gupta we are very happy for the service provided and carrying after 13 years we are getting positive report. We are very happy, Thanks again.

    Mr & Mrs More
  • Thankyou so much Dr Gauri Gupta. We and our family are very happy because of you . For me and my husband this is like magic only what you heve done for for us. We were hopeless that time but you came in our life and give us support. A big thank you to Dr Gauri you are God for us, We were crying for one baby and now because of you we have twins. Thank you so much, you have been caring so friendly with us

    Mr & Mrs Nadgeri
  • We are truely thankful to DrGauri and her team for their efforts and proper guidance.It was our first attempt and it was successful.We were on Cloudnine when we saw the report.
    Ketan Patel :
    As a husband, cant express my happiness, in words. We find ourselves very lucky that destiny brought us to Cloudnine under your guidance.

    Rama Patel
  • I had my first IVF and it was done really well. It was absolutely painless. Was a good experience with no problem.

    Mrs. Sheetal
  • Good facilities and very caring staff. I went through IUI and it was such a simple and painless procedure. Homely atmosphere which makes the patients comfortable.

    Mrs. Rathna
  • Thanks to Cloudnine Fertility and the good wishes of the staff and the positive attitude of the doctor we have now have happiness in our life.

    Cloudnine Fertility Customer
  • We are very happy with the treatment and kindness. We are now blessed with twins.

    Cloudnine Fertility Customer
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