Cloudnine Fertility Spills the Beans

May 25, 2022
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In the year 1978, a magical invention was brought to life. The year of a mighty revelation in the field of infertility studies and to commemorate that, we celebrate July 24th as the world IVF Day each year.

The field of assisted reproductive technology is rapidly progressing with countless new advancements in the last decade involving improvement of oocyte quality in older women and new stimulation protocols that may improve the number of mature oocytes retrieved during an in-vitro fertilization cycle. Cloudnine is lending a hand to improvise and innovate methods to get better and contribute to this life-changing technique.

In-Vitro fertilization has now for 42 years been fulfilling dreams of parenthood for many aspiring parents. Cloudnine is proud to be part of that journey and gladly announces the completion of over 7000 IVF cycles at its fertility centres across the nation.

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Our specialists see to it that their patients return home with a smile. Cloudnine's technology is the most updated in the country, that merged with the topmost specialists in the field make the impossible happen on Cloudnine fertility.

Here is what Dr. Shanujeet Kaur, from Cloudnine Chandigarh, and leading IVF specialist in the country has to say about the IVF procedure on Cloudnine.

"IVF on Cloudnine means patient satisfaction is our top priority. We have in-depth discussions with our patients on how and what to expect during the treatment and the questions/ discussions go on till the end of the treatment cycle and thereafter. So we have a combination of world-class infrastructure IVF and 24x7  patient connectivity as our strengths."

Dr. Shanujeet went ahead in narrating an incident on Cloudnine which had a very positive outcome.

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"There was a patient who had been through multiple IVF failures at renowned centres of Tricity and was completely disheartened and hopeless."

He heard of Cloudnine fertility on the radio while driving back home and decided to visit us. We were a new entrant in Fertility Treatment then and not many people had heard about Cloudnine in Chandigarh. He came in casually without his wife to enquire about IVF. he then agreed to get treatment from us but was very sceptical at each step. But when his wife conceived, he was literally on Cloudnine. He keeps thanking God that he heard the radio station at the right time. She delivered a healthy baby boy at Cloudnine a few months back.

This anecdote from Cloudnine Chandigarh's fertility specialist Dr. Shanujeet is both inspiring and refreshing.

Dr. Arockia fertility specialist from Cloudnine fertility Bangalore, shares her experience of working on Cloudnine:

"I have been with Cloudnine fertility, since May 2019 and My journey has been seamless without any hassles. The support from the management and from all staff, also the facilities available have helped me grow as a specialist and aided me in bringing happiness to the lives of many couples."

Dr. Arockia impresses that Cloudnine Fertility is fully equipped in delivering the best of services owing to the following qualities:

  • Its State-Of-The-Art IVF Technology
  • Good QA/QC for IVF Labs
  • Transparency in the Costing
  • Strong moral support extended to all
  • The lab ethics

Cloudnine is truly humbled by the love of such renowned specialists. They are Cloudnine's pole bearers.

Dr. Ramya, fertility specialist on Cloudnine adds to the list, sharing her experience.

She reiterates the importance of being associated with Cloudnine as she says;

"When I decided to be a fertility specialist I knew that I wanted to help couples with fertility issues. Little did I know that I would be able to transform lives the way I did because in our country becoming parents is not a duty, it's a wonderful blessing that has to be experienced, the multitude of difficulties and pain a couple encounters in this journey to have a baby disappears the moment a couple holds their little bundle of joy. I have been very fortunate to witness this on Cloudnine many times"

Our happy customers have all the reasons to praise us and have much to say about the wonders of IVF and services on Cloudnine Fertility.

Geeta Sahal from Chandigarh writes, "It was a very nice experience here at Cloudnine. Doctor Shanujeet Kaur is very nice and Cloudnine is the best hospital and IVF centre in Chandigarh. We are very thankful to Parvaiz Ji too "

Another Happy customer, M Ambika from Bengaluru wrote; "Dear Cloudnine Fertility members and doctors. A Very big Thanks to you all. A very special thanks to Dr. Reeta who has given me a meaning to my Life. I feel very comfortable and homely feeling with you all. You all gave me so much comfort and hope. Thanks to all the staff of this centre, words can't comprehend the faith I have in Cloudnine A BIG THANKS TO ALL" from me and my family. M Ambika and Boopathy

Hema Bhagat, who had undergone the treatment on Cloudnine fertility, Mumbai, wrote,  "I'm so happy and fortunate that we went to Cloudnine and got Dr. Meghana and Dr. Radhika for our treatment, really compassionate doctors, A quality that is obvious the moment you meet them and rare in these professional times. I felt a personal touch in the way they handle the patient. Always explaining the treatment in detail, to patiently hearing out even silly things from me. Always stood by me with a smile. It would be unfair not to mention Cloudnine's extremely co-operative support staff. Thank you all for our happiness!"

Another happy customer, Sachin Mathur from Noida, Writes: "Cloudnine is one of the best hospital in the Delhi NCR region. Doctors and staff here are professionals and perfectionists. We had ICSI treatment done here by Dr. Shweta Goswami and the team. I must say that right from day one - we were impressed by the hospital staff. Doctors here are erudite, specialist, transparent, and would talk about treatment, procedures, etc. in detail. Given that fertility treatment comes with a lot of mental and physical stress - you have to be in the right hands and feel like you are in the right place. Dr. Shweta, with her team comprising Dr. Seema, Dr. Akansha, and the embryologists handled our case adeptly. The thing with fertility treatment is that no institute can give 100% guaranteed success rate. With a little prayer, little luck, some pain, lots of hope, and off-course a team of skilled Doctors - you can get what you have been wishing for. My spouse is now 6 months into her pregnancy. If you are looking for such kind of treatment, then Cloudnine Hospital is the place for you."

"Dear Dr. Uma Maheshwari, We thank you from the depth of our heart for everything you have done for us to get us to parenthood. With all your support and encouragement, we are now proud parents of our bundle of joy (Rohan). It would not have been possible without you for us to have come this far along, successfully in our journey which was both hard and challenging. Thank you with much gratitude from Vijaya Saradhi and Lakshmipriya" , wrote the happy parents.

A happy mom on Cloudnine Shruthi Vardhan writes; "I had an amazing experience with the doctor. She understands her patients so well, she cleared all our doubts in one go. We were trying to get pregnant for a long time but we had no luck. Once we met doctor Manju at Cloudnine fertility she helped us regain our confidence and we received positive results. I would strongly recommend Dr. Manju Nair.  

These are a few among the numerous lives Cloudnine fertility has touched. It is a great feeling for all Cloudnine members to be associated with Cloudnine. It gives us a feeling of joy when success stories such as these come across. We guarantee such delightful occurrences happen Cloudnine quite often and we, on Cloudnine, feel beyond happiness partaking in the celebration.

Cloudnine's fertility specialists are just a click aw. Cloudnine Fertility is a modern and stress-free solution for potential parents who may look for assistance via technological means to venture into the journey of parenthood. Wishing you, all the best!