Emotions Through Infertility: A Guide to Embracing the Good and the Bad

May 25, 2022
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From serving invisible tea in shiny pink teacups to bathing tiny baby dolls in plastic mugs, playing house is likely every little girl's favourite game. And the most coveted role in this little make-believe world? That of the momma, the glue that binds her little plastic family together. That picture of perfection usually remains in every girl's mind as she grows, evolving through the years into something more real. By the time she reaches her twenties, the plastic family is now eclipsed by dreams of a real one; one that loves, laughs and lives together.

Only sometimes, the transition from plastic to palpable never quite occurs; all thanks to infertility.

Infertility: The Emotional Rollercoaster

  • For Her

Infertility can birth a number of emotions: from reduced self-worth and a sense of inferiority to deep denial and disappointment. In a country like ours, marriage and family are often regarded as higher priorities than career and personal growth. And towering societal expectations can be overwhelming.

It doesn't help that relatives, friends and neighbours are more than curious about your plans of procreation. No doubt, infertility can be hard, and studies even show that infertile women are likely to be just as anxious as those suffering from cancer or heart disease. Whatever stage of infertility you are at, it is important to seek professional help.

Considerations To Make While Opting For The Best Fertility Treatment In Bangalore.

  • For Him

Infertility can be a slightly different ball game for your partner. For men, emotions tethered to infertility problems aren't as deep-seated as they are for women. The truth is, societal bias is skewed towards women, as far as growing a family is concerned. Of course, with changing times, an increasing number of Indians are now sensitive to the fact that infertility can be equally attributed to either partner. The majority of men choose to bottle up their feelings when diagnosed with infertility. And while these feelings can sometimes be just as intense as in a female partner, they can be difficult to gauge on the surface.

Dealing With Emotions Through Infertility

When you suspect that you and your partner may be experiencing infertility, you should consult a fertility specialist right away. Based on your diagnosis and after extensive rounds of assessments, you may be advised one or more fertility treatments.

  • Live Through Spirals of Hope

A fertility treatment plan can send you into short-lived spirals of hope, each lasting from one menstrual cycle to the next. Sometimes, these spirals continue indefinitely and sometimes, they bloom into the positive pink line of a pregnancy test. It's the former that can spur deep sadness in couples, and naturally so. Nobody said that this journey would be easy, but most fertility stories are certainly rewarding. When you're consumed with doubt, remember your intent and why you began your path to fertility in the first place.

  • Navigate Through Failed Fertility Cycles

For infertile couples who experience failed fertility cycles, tests and treatments may become the focus of daily life and come in the way of otherwise ordinary activities. Holidays, careers and social circles may be kept on the backburner in favour of fertility. But fertility and daily life aren't mutually exclusive. Make the effort to pursue activities you enjoyed before you embarked on this journey, meet friends and family, and plan fun activities with your spouse.

  • Communicate

Be open to communication; with your spouse, with your family and with your counsellor. Confide in your partner and your loved ones about your feelings and your reservations about the future. It's alright to be unsure. On Cloudnine, every couple has access to a designated counsellor who can guide them through a maze of emotions along the road to fertility. Speak to a specialist to learn how to handle your feelings. Also, consider joining a support group in your area or online, to lean on other women in similar phases of life.

  • Stay Invested in Intercourse

Intercourse can seem like a regimented activity through these days of hopeful baby-making. If you find yourself becoming emotionally withdrawn and feel intercourse becoming more of an imposition than a pleasure, take a break. Some fertility treatments may recommend that you time intercourse during specific windows, hardly the best start to an otherwise seemingly agreeable activity. Know that this phase is short-lived, and that once you have a baby in your belly, these days will be long gone.

Infertility can sometimes be a rocky road to a beautiful journey's end. Often, the most beautiful things take the most time to make. On Cloudnine, our personalised fertility plans are crafted to elevate your odds of conception. We have demonstrated some of the highest fertility success rates in the country and continue to augment our quiver of technologies in order to build superlative fertility treatments. If you've been trying to get pregnant without success, meet a specialist on Cloudnine. Trust us to start your family.

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