How to Find a Surrogate ?

May 25, 2022
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Finding a surrogate might not be a very easy trail. So there are a few ways in which we could approach the right person for the task.

  • An agency should help

An agency shall walk us through the entire process, which involves lots of legal considerations, as well as assistance in finding the right surrogate and coming to a contractual agreement.

  • A friend or family member

A willing friend or family member who's willing to become a surrogate gives an extra sense of security.

  • An egg donor and a surrogate

Many fertility centers and agencies will assist in finding both a good egg donor and a good surrogate.

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Health Requirements for Surrogacy

To become a surrogate a woman has to pass a screening and meet a number of health qualifications.

Questions for the prospective surrogate:

  • How were your previous pregnancies?
  • How supportive is your partner/spouse/family?
  • Are you able to travel to procedures and appointments?
  • How do you feel about carrying multiples?
  • How do you feel about termination? Selective reduction?
  • What do you expect from us?
  • How involved would you like us to be?
  • Ask anything that's important to you, including diet and musical preferences.
  • Ask about lifestyle and birth plan, and get clarity on your role in all this.
  • Ask hard questions

We should be sure because this person is responsible for the baby until it is born

Rights of the surrogate

  • To avoid any exploitation of the surrogate mother by the agency a surrogacy contract needs to be signed by the parents.
  • A surrogacy contract states that, the surrogate mother has the right to all medical, nurishment related and a few additional expenses covered if that relates to her pregnancy.
  • A few non-related medical expenses are also covered by the intended parents in order to safeguard the child's health.
  • She has the right to avail professional counseling  from an early stage of discussing surrogacy, throughout the pregnancy period and after it.
  • Counseling can either concentrate on the surrogate mother as an individual or along with the intended parents


A legal agreement needs to be created wherein all the requirements are properly stated and the consent of each party is recorded so that later on legal issues do not arise.

Parental rights are an important aspect to consider. A surrogate has rights to the child she is carrying until she surrenders those rights. It's extremely rare where a surrogate taken runs away with the child but it might happen, so legal contracts are highly important.