Lifestyle choices to help you boost your fertility

May 13, 2022
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The topic of fertility is a complex one, as it is affected by various factors. Both male and female fertility can be affected by age, lifestyle, genetics, etc. Though many of these factors like age, genetics, etc.   be controlled, one can significant changes in one's lifestyle to boost fertility.

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Here are some lifestyle choices which can help boost both male and female fertility:

1. Healthy diet:

Diet is one of the most important factors that affect not only the fertility but overall health and wellbeing of the individual. Eating a well-balanced diet is the key to boosting fertility. Moreover, experts recommend that following specific guidelines like increasing the intake of anti-oxidants, avoiding trans fats, eating more calories during breakfast and less at night, etc. can further boost fertility. Your fertility specialist may also recommend some supplements in order to boost fertility.

2. Exercise:

Staying active and exercising regularly has various health benefits associated with it, one of it being boost infertility. Studies have found that a sedentary lifestyle and lack of activity significantly increase the risk of infertility. Moreover, exercise may help in losing some weight which again, in turn, will significantly boost fertility.

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3. Get sufficient sleep:

It is important to give the body enough time to rest and recover. People who sleep less than six hours a day are at an increased risk of infertility according to some experts. Moreover, a healthy sleeping pattern is also associated with decreased stress and overall sense of wellbeing, which further boosts fertility.

4. Manage stress:

As already mentioned, stress is one of the leading contributors to infertility. Both men and women who are subjected to higher levels of physical, mental, and emotional stress are more likely to develop infertility. Besides stress, anxiety and depression can also have a negative impact on fertility. Reach out to a professional counsellor if you need more help in managing stress.

5. Avoid beverages:

Excessive consumption of coffee, tea, and other beverages is also linked to lower fertility levels. Though more research is needed in this field, some evidence suggests that overconsumption of caffeine has a significant effect on female fertility and according to some sources, excess consumption of caffeine just before pregnancy can also increase the risk of miscarriage.

6. Avoid smoking and alcohol consumption:

Though the ill-effects of smoking and excessive alcohol consumption are well known, not many people are aware of the fact that it also affects fertility. Both male and female fertility can be negatively affected by smoking, drug or alcohol abuse. Even moderate consumption of alcohol can be detrimental to fertility.

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