Sperm Motility and Fertility

May 2, 2024
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Sperm motility in India: How does it affect fertility rate?

In older times, a couple’s inability to conceive a child would have been thought solely due to fault in the woman. Male infertility was a concept that was not known or considered. However, with the advent of IVF, male infertility has been identified and acknowledged. The male partner is equally responsible A simple semen analysis gives a lot of information on the fertility status of the male partner as the female partner for the couple not conceiving. Sperms are looked under the microscope for their number  motility, appearance(morphology),amount of semen(volume),and other measures during a semen test. A low sperm count is the commonest cause of male fertility problems. The second important cause of male infertility is low sperm motility.

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What is sperm motility and how does it affect pregnancy?

Sperm motility is the speed at which sperm can travel through the female reproductive tract to reach the egg. It is one of the most important factors for reproduction; sperms that cannot “swim” properly are incapable of reaching the egg on time for fertilization and for the formation of the embryo. A healthier sperm count has a better chance of fertilizing the egg and increases your chances of conceiving a baby every month.

What is the average sperm motility rate in India?

The minimum sperm motility rate must be 42%. It includes both forward moving sperms, which should be at least one third of the total sample and non progressive sperms. Asthenospermia is the word used to describe poor sperm motility.

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What are the different causes for low sperm motility?

There are multiple causes that can lead to lowered sperm motility

  • Low sperm motility could also be the result of undiagnosed medical conditions-infections or chronic diseases like diabetes
  • Genetic cause.
  • Lifestyle and environmental factors are also major contributors to low sperm motility
  • Smoking Is proven to be a cause of low sperm motility
  • Men with repeated trauma or even surgery to the pelvic area may face low sperm motility rate
  • Intake of steroids for bodybuilding can affect sperm factors
  • Undescended testes can also cause low motility of sperms.
  • Varicocele may also affect sperm motility.

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How can you treat low sperm motility rate?

There are a few lifestyle changes that one may consider to increase their sperm motility rate:

  • Treatment of the underlying cause.
  • Intake of some supplements have proven to be successful in increasing the sperm motility rate for many men, however, take these supplements only after you get the green signal to do so from your doctor
  • Regular exercise helps keep the body fit, which reduces the risk of low sperm motility
  • Maintaining a healthy body weight can reduce your risk of low sperm motility
  • Limit your exposure to cell phones/Laptops for a better sperm motility rate
  • Reducing the amount of alcohol you consume, and quitting smoking altogether can prove to be a good decision as it not only increases your sperm motility, it also accounts for a healthier lifestyle

 Fertility options like IUI or IVF are also available depending on the factors of the couple.