5 Myths Over IVF

May 2, 2024
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Myths Over IVF:

1) IVF Babies have health problems

This one is quite a misconception as IVF babies are just as healthy as babies are conceived naturally. These babies even though are created in the laboratory are in no way less compared to naturally conceived babies.

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2) Women who have IVF go through Menopause earlier

This is a complete myth as many believe that women who undergo the IVF procedure will experience menopause earlier than natural because their eggs have been removed from the body. However all that IVF procedure does is mature the eggs for a certain cycle more quickly. It does not remove more than one cycle worth of eggs.

3) IVF always results in multiple pregnancies

This is one of the most widespread myths but results world over has always shown that close to 90% of women who undergo IVF have a single pregnancy. In IVF multiple pregnancies used to be common in the past, because as part of the process about 10 years ago, people used to put 2 or 3 eggs in the womb of the mother to increase the chances of conception - where as now with NEW technology and advances in treatment, most people put only one egg - and hence it is a single baby that is conceived.

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4) IVF is a painful procedure

IVF is not as painful as many people think it to be. There might be inconvenience and discomfort of multiple injections (between 1-2 per day for 10-14 days), there is no other painful procedure involved. Egg collection also is done under Anesthesia so that the patient feels no pain. Again even embryo transfer is again a painless process.

5) IVF is considered unnatural

This procedure can be considered natural in which genetic composition of the man and the women need to form a baby. Since this process is not possible inside a woman's body either because of tubal blockage or poor sperm count, IVF helps in bringing the egg and the sperm together outside the body.

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