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MBBS,DGO, Fellowship in Reproductive Medicine
Kanakapura Road
22 Years
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Dr. Uma Maheswari is a highly skilled doctor and an experienced fertility specialist who graduated from Coimbatore Medical College and has done her post-graduation in Obstetrics and gynaecology from Dr. MGR Medical University with outstanding academic performance. She has her post-doctoral Fellowship in reproductive medicine under Dr. Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences with extensive training in Embryology and Assisted Reproductive techniques. She has been attending conferences and presented scien




FAQs & Answers

Which city and centers, does Dr. Uma Maheshwari practice at, on Cloudnine?
Dr. Uma Maheshwari practices at Jayanagar, Bangalore.
How can I book an appointment with Dr. Uma Maheshwari?
You can book a consultation with Dr. Uma Maheshwari via 'It's our Cloudnine app', through the Cloudnine website, a phone call on the customer care no, or directly from the hospital.
Why do people consult with Dr. Uma Maheshwari?
Patients frequently visit Dr. Uma Maheshwari for Fertility issues related consultations and treatments.
When can I book an appointment?
Anytime via 'Cloudnine app' or Cloudnine's website.
What is Dr. Uma Maheshwari's education qualification?
Dr. Uma Maheshwari has the following qualifications: MBBS, DGO, Fellowship in Reproductive Medicine.
What is Dr. Uma Maheshwari a specialist for?
Dr. Uma Maheshwari is a fertility specialist.

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Dr. Uma Maheshwari

"On World IVF Day you can see this miracle in our hands, a blessing from God. We are very thankful to Cloudine Fertility Centre, and specially Dr. Uma Maheshwari and Dr. Praveen B. Joshi for their help in getting this little girl. We are very happy with the service received from both the doctors. We strongly recommend that anyone undergoing fertility issues do not hesitate to come to hospital and consult the doctors. This is our moment, we hope everyone receives such a moment in their lives too. Thank you"

Mrs. Malashree

Dr. Uma Maheshwari & Praveen B Joshi

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Dr. Uma Maheshwari

Ovarian Cyst & Infertility I Dr. Uma Maheshwari
"Conditions like Ovarian cysts are commonly heard nowadays, even among younger females. These conditions can bring about several health concerns, including infertility, even among young couples. Listen to Dr. Uma Maheshwari, Consultant Fertility Specialist at Cloudnine Hospital in Jayanagar, as she explains in detail about ovarian cysts and infertility"
Thyroid & Infertility I Dr. Uma Maheshwari
Various factors can cause infertility. To better understand the link between thyroid dysfunction and infertility, listen to Dr. Uma Maheshwari, a Fertility Specialist at Cloudnine Hospital in Jayanagar.
Lab Investigation for Infertility I Dr. Uma Maheshwari
"Dealing with the impact of infertility can be incredibly challenging, especially when couples seeking fertility treatment face numerous tests upon meeting their doctor for the first time. This can be emotionally distressing for the couple. Dr. Uma Maheshwari, Consultant Fertility Specialist at Cloudnine Hospital-Jayanagar, recognizes this anxiety and provides concise information about common tests prescribed to empower couples with the necessary knowledge and information"
Is IUI done before or after ovulation? | Infertility Treatment | Injection I Dr. Uma Maheshwari
"It is very important to perform the IUI at the right time to improve the success chances of the IUI. So it is typically done around the time of the ovulation. And the results are better if the ovulation is documented and then we do the IUI but it cannot happen every time like that. So what we do is once we want to do the IUI we give an injection called as HCG for the ovulation to occur and we do the IUI or time the IUI around 34 to 40 hours time interval. In that group of patients the pregnancy chances are higher"
What happens if FSH is low? | FSH Levels & Pregnancy- Know The Facts I Dr. Uma Maheshwari
"FSH is follicle stimulating hormone which is produced from the brain and it acts on the ovaries for the egg development to initiate. So this hormone level should be assessed on the second day or third day of the menstrual cycle. In a certain subset of women the FSH hormone level is low. That means the hormone production from the brain is low. These women usually have in conjunction called as luteinizing hormone. If both the FS and LH are low that means that the woman is having hypogonadotropic hypogonadism. So this is definitely a treatable condition, wherein we have to supplement with the hormones exogenously that women can produce the egg and she can become pregnant"
Role of Follitropin alfa Injection in Infertility Treatment | IVF, IUI, ICSI I Dr. Uma Maheshwari
"Follitropin alfa injection are usually given for the development of the eggs. It is started on the second day or third day of the cycle and these injections are given on everyday basis for the women to develop the eggs. Usually the injections are given subcutaneously, which is on the lower abdomen or thighs for it to be very effective"
Is IUI Possible with blocked tubes? | Infertility and Fallopian Tube Blockage I Dr. Uma Maheshwari
"The fallopian tubes present on either sides of the uterus. It can be blocked in a single side or bilaterally. If it is a single side blockage from the scans we find out which side the ovulation or the egg development is going to happen and the side here the tube is into blocked we can go ahead and do an IUI cycle. IUI is not possible if both the tubes are blocked"
Is IUI difficult in women with PCOS? | Infertility in PCOS | Infertility in PCOS | Dr. Uma Maheshwari
"PCOS are a group of women who do not ovulate on their own. So they are typically having a problem called as anovulation or oligoovualtion. So ovulation happens erratically or ovulation doesn’t happen at all. So for this women IUI can be helpful but then we should be achieving a successful ovulation. So for other one who is not having PCOS simple tablets are given for the egg development not happen. For women with PCOS as well we can use tablets, plus we have to use of gonnadotropin injections for the egg development . As long as we are able to achieve the egg development an ovulation, IUI is not difficult for women with PCOS"
Timed intercourse | How does this work? | Ovulation tracking & Timed intercourse | Dr. Uma Maheshwari
"In this how we help the couple is, we tell the couple the exact time to improve the pregnancy rates. For this we should know when the ovulation is going to happen. Then only we can guide them through that. That is how this helps. It can be done by serial follicular monitoring scans wherein we can figure out when the exact time of ovulation is going to happen and we use an injection hCG, which actually time the ovulation as well. So this helps the couple in improving the pregnancy rates"
Sperm freezing Temperature | How long can sperm be preserved? | Sperm Banking I Dr. Uma Maheshwari
"This happens at – 195 degrees Celsius. At this low temperature all the functions of the cell will come to a standstill. So it will remain in the same stage for however age we are going to freeze the sample. So the sample can be frozen for many number of years. In India we have the law to do it for upto 5 years"
How is cryopreservation of sperm done?| Benefits of Sperm Freezing | I Dr. Uma Maheshwari
"Cryopreservation is also called as freezing. If the male partner is traveling out of country and is not able to provide a semen sample for the procedure or if there is any problem like previous history of cancer and they have to freeze it before they want to try for a pregnancy. These are the situations wherein we go for cryopreservation. For this the gentleman has to give the sample in the laboratory and we process the sample and freeze it in the lab"
What is Low Cost IVF? | Affordable IVF | IVF Success Stories | Infertility I Dr. Uma Maheshwari
"IVF is what is called as invitro fertilization. In invitro fertilization, we use injections called as gonadotropins from the women to start producing and maturing the eggs from within the body and we remove the eggs using a small needle from the body and we fertilize it outside the body. This what is called as routine IVF. What is the difference between lost cost IVF and routine IVF is that in low cost IVF we use less dose of injection so that she produces less number of eggs, which means that the cost of the procedure also goes down and the quality of the egg also can be better because of the less dose of the injection. Typically the success rates wit low cost IVF will come upto 25 to 30%"
What is IUI & how it is done? | Artificial Insemination | Process & Success Rate | Dr. Uma Maheshwari
"IUI is called as artificial insemination in which the sample is collected in a laboratory and then we process the semen sample. By processing we mean to remove the motile fraction from the immotile fraction. So we take out the motile fraction and use a small syringe and put it in the uterus. So this procedure is called as IUI. This is a smile procedure done in an OPD basis and the results are approximately 10 to 15 %"
Which Are Usually Advised For Screening | Dr. Uma Maheshwari
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What You Need to Know About AMH I Dr. Uma Maheshwari
Learn the latest on Anti-Mullerian Hormone (AMH) and its role in fertility in this informative video. Discover what AMH measures, what it can indicate about your reproductive health and the factors that affect AMH levels. Stay informed and take control of your fertility journey with this must-watch video!
History and progress of IVF | Dr. Uma Maheshwari
Cloudnine's Fertility Specialist, Senior Consultant Dr. Uma Maheshwari talks about the history and progress of IVF and how it has helped people over the period time and again.

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